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22 year old Male
Last online 2 months ago
under your sheets, FL
about me:

*my personality
im a yandere (not the kind that kills people of course i just have the traits of one), im a closet perv, im super shy and awkward irl but once you get to know me im a pretty nice guy and im pretty cool :) my personality is a little cutesy/girly according to some (but im only like that with people i like) and i have a weird sense of humor so if your not ok with that then idk what to say

*what i like
i like horror/survival themed stuff, this includes anime. i love metal/rock music, pizza, animals (my fav is the panda), video games, fun stuff (but who doesnt?) and attention (cause im such an attention whore)

*what i dislike
country music, spiders, and people who act like they are high and mighty

*what i look for in a girl
i have a thing for yandere girls, you dont have to be insane and wanna kill every girl in sight but at least show me you care and only want me to yourself. i actually prefer if you were yandere cause then it would make things less awkward since your basically like me already.
someone who shares common interests and can hold a conversation without boring me cause its really easy to bore me.
you dont have to be the cutest girl in the world to be with me cause i understand im not the hottest guy in the world either love is more than just a cute face.
body types i like short girls (im 6 ft) i kinda like chubby girls so if you have a little meat on you thats fine as long as your not big to the point where it could be an issue (if your skinny thats fine too)
someone who can love me for me and accept me completely and it would be nice if your all lovey dovey.

*what i look like
well i have a baby face im 18 but i look 15, i am black (yeah shocker no one ever guesses that), my ethnic background is hispanic i am a mix of african american, Puerto rican, Japanese, and Spaniard. i wouldnt say i look ugly i actually have pictures of myself but you would need to add me on kik/skype if you wanna see them i dont wanna post it on here for different reasons.

send me a friend request if you wanna talk to me i try to reply asap and p.s I'm pretty slow when it comes to love so forgive me if you find me interesting and I don't notice you would have to straight up confess to me otherwise i wont make a move

google plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115916714921043205466/posts