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what do you guys think about one piece??

tell me what you think about one piece, good/bad
I like it except for one specific plot they made with a sorry ace excuse on making Luffy grow up. There are several ideas that could have helped with that, but this author had to choose one of the absolute worst ones!!!!! I almost stopped watching one piece cuz of that.
Dec 04, 21 at 10:22pm
One of the best.
I have always wanted to get into One Piece, but I just haven't been able to get into it. Ive heard really good, and some bad, things about it, and Ive always been interested, but it just seems like an unscalable mountain at this point. Ive tried watching it a few times, but I always fall off about 5 or 6 episodes in
Love it, absolutely my favorite been watching and reading it since I was a wee child
Keep in mind I'm up to date, and I've seen every episode. I do love the characters, but it's like watching Dragon Ball Z... I just want them to shut up and fight already... 2 months later, the story has only progressed 30 minutes. "Can we drag this plot out any longer?" "Sure, we can milk at least 2 more seasons out of it."
That's why I can't fucks with One Piece. I've already tried tackling Bleach. I just don't have that much time to invest. And the anime style is not my favorite. I hear the story is good, but .... I'll wait for an abridged version that goes through it in like 20 mins on YouTube.
Veru...it's honestly worth it to invest in this one....piece of media. One piece is a golden anime with rich characters, the best worldbuilding I've seen in any anime. A fantastic power system , complex politics and goings on totally divorced from the main crew, and so many valuable lessons to teach and moments that will live in your heart and become MORE significant as you learn more about it. Its SOOO worth getting into. The writer Oda is a genius who genuinely loves his work and it shows.
If I can get through Bleach then I'll start One Piece. But man... It's going to be tough. Especially if it has a lot of filler like Bleach. I'm already about to do the "skip everything but cannon" thing with it. That stupid season after the Grimmjow fight in Heuco Mundo just threw me off.
Dec 18, 21 at 10:09am
Hopefully the new Bleach won't have the shit filler.
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