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Teggo left a comment for Wesley-sensei
Feb 17, 18 at 1:18pm

Thanksss Wes :)))

Just didn't sleep enough and walked around the whole day with the heat and such.
Hmm but other than that I'm good! :3

How are yooou?

Wesley-sensei I'm hungry! My stomach is seriously growling at me... But I'm glad it was something a good nights sleep can cure. Don't forget to stay hydrated.
Teggo left a comment for Wesley-sensei
Feb 15, 18 at 1:37am

VeZeal left a comment for Wesley-sensei
Feb 14, 18 at 8:46pm

Feb 14, 18 at 7:49pm

Daggera left a comment for Wesley-sensei
Feb 14, 18 at 3:26pm

Happy Valentines and Congrats on not being single. ^^

pixelangel left a comment for Wesley-sensei
Feb 12, 18 at 10:06pm

Thank you and I’ll be sure to do just that ^^

elhaym left a comment for Wesley-sensei
Feb 10, 18 at 7:02am

Sorry for my late response - my week was very busy~ I'm so glad that the weekend is there and I'm also feeling guilty that I let wait many people.

Are you an electrician? :) I can imagine that you have a lot of task there. But why do you hate hospitals? For me, I don't like the atmosphere there and I made a lot of bad experiences. I could say that I lived more in a hospital than at home in my early childhood. I'm glad if I can avoid a visit to those places.

That's really exciting! And I've also heard that a hospitalization in America can be really expensive. For small things like comprehensive blood tests, hearing/see tests ,EKG etc are carried out by doctor's assistants in Germany. But Germany has also alot of doctor offices here - except you're living in a small village.

elhaym left a comment for Wesley-sensei
Feb 03, 18 at 4:52am

Hey~ I've read your comment on my wall and I'm sorry for my late reply. Today I'm feeling better than yesterday.

Urgent Cares sounds interesting - I've seen some German vlogger who works in America and talks about American things (a very exciting topic). One of the topics was the American Healthcare, but I've never heard before of Urgent Cares.

In Germany you can go to the hospital or to the emergency doctor on weekends if you feeling very bad. The last time I felt not so good in general for some reason. I'll make an appoitment for a general check-up.

What's your job at the hospital if you work there?

Moriko left a comment for Wesley-sensei
Jan 05, 18 at 5:20pm

Oh my geewilickers! I likey :3

Jan 04, 18 at 7:59pm

The reviews for the first day of the new anime season is done. It's kind of off to a slow start. Maybe we'll get something with more action tomorrow.

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