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tasha left a comment for Philtehsamuraiwalrus
Apr 18, 17 at 10:52am


Feb 12, 17 at 1:16pm

Hey thanks for being my friend let chat sometime.

Gonta Cheeto left a comment for Philtehsamuraiwalrus
Gonta Cheeto
Feb 12, 17 at 1:02pm

It's actually really good imo, Dio is such a wonderful villain and Johnathan is truly a young gentleman, It follows a few generations kind of like the Record of Agarest war over the seasons, It's worth a watch and will give you a few good laughs.


So I just found out that an anime I never thought would get a dub has, Gintama, and its acctualy a really good dub...well there go my plans for the next few weeks up in flames

[Thicc]Ed~ left a comment for Philtehsamuraiwalrus
Jan 22, 17 at 11:57am

eh, thanks? XD

Be very welcome man~

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