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30 year old Female
Last online 16 days ago
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amalath @amalath left a comment for fallenbeautyaries
Jun 14, 20 at 11:16pm

Hellllllll nooooo

Jun 03, 20 at 7:43pm

Same for me, cooking some Indian style butter chicken to wind down.

Jun 03, 20 at 1:35pm

Hi Aires doing well :) hbu

fallenbeautyaries @fallenbeautyaries Pretty good, thanks for asking.
Jun 02, 20 at 9:04pm

Doing great. Can't complain too much. So how are you doing?

fallenbeautyaries @fallenbeautyaries Pretty good just relaxing after work.

Awwww thats so cute, thanks i appreciate it really. Yeah i was really thinking about getting a gun for protection. I mean some shady stuff has been going on way before the riots but now that its happening i dont wanna take any chances. I feel all the stuff going on is very unnecessary tbh. I get the outrage but as a black dude myself i know if i stay outta trouble i will be ok.

fallenbeautyaries @fallenbeautyaries I mean i get rasicim to me alot too im half black sooooooo my mom likes white guys so what? I get that too apprently all 3 cops has been arrested in this matter. The one who actually killed George floyd should get the maximum i mean you can hear the man plea and cry he can't breathe. Get off the man? So you kill him for writting a bad check or you kill him because the colo3 of his skin so ridiculous i still support cops. I support the good cops not the bad cops like those jerks!. Yea I am getting a gun too my neices and nepew comes over and they are little little so if I have too ill shoot someone to protect them.
Thelios @draig left a comment for fallenbeautyaries
Jun 02, 20 at 4:57pm

Hello there!

May 30, 20 at 4:36am

OMG cute doggy! I haven't had a dog in awhile. Didn't need one since my had two but they moved away, so pretty much sort've had some of my own XD currently have a ball of fluff that is a cat and planning on getting a rabbit...but that's a thought since I'm not sure if fatboy will try killing the bunny. So, gonna do research with that. Also, you've got some strong beliefs in what friends are. That's some stuff a friend should be. People you can trust, be there for you, and what not. That sounds weak, sorry but it's like super early and I've been up for awhile, but yeah I'm hoping we can talk. Even chat about religion. I'm a Christain too.

May 29, 20 at 10:02pm

:o when she calls you bestie, lol i have been good just enjoying whats left of my day off TwT then its back to another week of 8 hour shifts in 100° heat. Lol but other than that i have been ok just got my new apartment and my mom is gonna set it up for me on tuesday before i get back.


Lol mood honestly

May 27, 20 at 8:31pm

Hey it's nice to online meet you hehe

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