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33 year old Female
Last online about 3 years ago

About me:

" I am quiet, I am down to earth, I am hyper a lot,I do make things fun. I love anime and video games. I am strict on what I want on this site.

I,speak my mind I do not like drama. if you are dramatic or a stalker please don't bother adding me. I like people to ask me what I am about feel free to message me.

I am A Christian I do go church every Sunday. I have a dog he is a Maltese shi tzu mix who has Major separation anxiety issues, barks all the time when I am not home. Still working with him, he
is slowly breaking his separation anxiety but it still there. So there will be more work done for him in the near future.

Be Nice to meet some Christians on here too :D. "

What kind of anime:

Any anime that is romantic and comedy.

What I am looking for:

Friends who are loyal, who are not fake. Friends who don't back stab you in the back, that's one reason why I am here. the other reason why I am here is to eventually find someone who wants to marry and adopt kids with me someday. I am whole hardheartedly into a long strong term relationship a mature relationship not an immature one that be great. I WAS with someone for 6 years, all a sudden he decided to cheat on me for no reason i gave him 0 reasons. If you want to know what I am looking for as in to dating feel free to message me. I am not going to date for a while unless I find someone who is serious as I am for a ship.


If, you got a girlfriend and you act like your single. By trying hitting on me, trying to cheat on your girlfriend, Let me tell you I don't cheat at all. You should be a shame of your self for even doing that to someone you so called love and clam she/he is your boyfriend/ girlfriend.

if you think cheating is fun and you wont get caught, let me tell you, you'll always get caught once a cheater always a cheater. Cheating isn't fun it hurts people shows that you are a complete bitch/ass for doing so,one-day you will never find anyone who wants to truly be with you.

that's not love that's you being selfish doing what you want when you want and how you want, in the process you hurt a good amazing person you spent time with that had wasted time on to get to know you as a friend.

I don't go for people like that if your that type of person please delete me now i don't go for all that drama I am very particular on whom i want in my life as friends.

I normally don't give Skype or my number out unless we meet in person.

it same as dating do you jump into dating someone you think suits you? (No)

i like to get to know the person before i become close friends with them. now if your not in Ohio Discord is fine.
Mar 24-26