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What are the ups and downs of being a weeboo??


I know that this is a bad question to ask but at the same time I want to try to learn from any information that I get and the fact that there are some weeboos on this site I just want to know what is the the likes and dislikes of being a weeb.

Jun 13, 18 at 3:21pm

ups - euphoria
downs - euphoria

Jun 13, 18 at 5:08pm

ups i gave up so now i lay in bed watching videos on the internet
downs i dont have friends

Jun 14, 18 at 4:07am

Made all of my current friends due to becoming a weeb. It's given me tons to explore and learn about due to having so much to offer. It's introduced me to model making, fig collecting, photography, drawing and more. In an otherwise shitty world filled with shitty people it's also a nice little escape/view into nicer more idealistic worlds and life styles that I feel more people could take tips from. I've met people from around the world thanks to it and if not for the weeb scene would have a much more empty and bleak life.

Struggling to find anyone locally who's into the stuff. Dealing with an ever increasing flood of posers who look down on and aggressively hate on the real fans (problem in a ton of scenes these days).
People who have a very passive interest in weeb stuff while exploring very little of it but not hesitating to belittle, attack, and insult types of anime they don't like and fans of those anime ("moeshit" for example).
Dealing with stalkers who latch onto me because I'm the only guy who's ever been nice to them. Harassment, attacks, and bullying from said posers/fakers or from simply deranged people I've somehow managed to piss off (one guy recently flipped out on me for not owning a phone that was compatible with a game he recommended. Another tried to make my life hell for two months because I didn't see eye to eye with his unreasonable level of contentment for women.). Generally swimming though a sea of mental disorders and insanity while often times finding myself in the role of counselor/therapist to people with a wide range of issues. Having to keep it mostly secret in general due to stereotypes and being associated with more toxic parts of the scene including but not limited to those I just mentioned.

Jun 14, 18 at 4:51am

ups, being part of a fun community and having a passion

downs, the cruel cruel normies

Jun 14, 18 at 5:30am

Ups:1. having a better understanding of Japanese culture/Japanese values/Japanese language.
2. Getting to know how foolish/creepy a few western weeaboos can be.
3.being part of a few communities<domestic/international> and make a few longterm or short-term friends.
4. Nijigen can be a good topic which can be used to maintain a conversation.
5.I tried tons of cute outfits on lol.
6. In 2016, I won the top prize in my department because of competitions/events about ACG I organized with some schoolmates.

Downs: 1. Running out of money and space.
2. Getting discriminated by elitists that look down on anime fans who aren't rich enough to buy tons of figs, manga, CDs, video games, dakis.

I haven't been shunned by people because I'm into Nijigen in real life<I am dressed as a weeaboo..>. I tend to stay away from the crowds mainly because of my introverted nature. Online, most people I have come across also watch some anime so....In fact,I made friends with some people not because of Nijigen but General Knowledge...
Normies...I have no idea of its definition...My own definition is that wilfully ignorant people who ridicule others..

Jun 14, 18 at 5:32am

Downs: They are immeasurable.
Ups: You can't go any lower.


Jun 14, 18 at 7:27am

Ups: Being able to escape into anime stories.

Downs: Just about everything else.


ups: getting absorbed into awesome stories

downs: watching too much anime and finding it hard to find animes that you enjoyed as much as the last

animes that end in the middle of the story


There are no ups to being stuck up weeboo

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