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Ryokai Kibagami

23 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online about 1 month ago
Bronx, NY
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Aug 17, 18 at 11:43am

I don't know why but I like the nickname "Bronx King"

ariel543 left a comment for Ryokai Kibagami
Aug 17, 18 at 11:18am

hi want to be friends

PK Blue World left a comment for Ryokai Kibagami
PK Blue World
Aug 02, 18 at 7:39pm

The Bronx King :P

rose1993 left a comment for Ryokai Kibagami
Jun 27, 18 at 10:32pm

Cool. Isn’t the match just for anime?

Ryokai Kibagami Well it seems as if the two have anime in common but if you would like to get to know each other I wouldn't mind that whatsoever.
Jun 19, 18 at 10:45am

As you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you are always cautious and also took many threats.
How many things can be taken away from you, maybe your clothes and maybe your shoes.
People always ask you questions and always wonder why, but you can see through their b*******with their Sharingan.
People try to know you but sometimes it's hard to take a look, all they saw was tattoos but never tried to read the book.
Some people saw through you without even trying, when you blow off the haters they make it seem like you're defying.
You don't bow to no King because you are more real than that, most people follow the same beat as others but what you say is the truth that's that's a fact.
Doing what you could was all you could do, not trying to give up so early because you knew what was true.
Not trying to be something that you're not or act like a fool, you are higher than others expectations and better than any motherfuking ghoul.
You react to good people even when others want to fight, you were a good game player especially when it came to fortnite.
You truly were a genuine soul, you have followers from different countries while the haters just continue to get old.
You've been disrespected from so many others day by day, so many people that you thought were friends but they end up starting to betray.
Your music hit hard for so many others that will follow in your footsteps as the days go by, but today we mourn for your death because so many people have begun to cry.
You are not that type of person to have something to hide and you are always misunderstood, but no matter where you go there is always somebody that's trying to act Hood.
These streets are dangerous as it wasn't your time to fool, now you're up in heaven with Tupac and Biggie Smalls.
We will always remember you no matter what happens doesn't matter the days, your music will play on like legends of the likes of Snoop and doctor Dre.
We will miss you no matter how many years go by, as a matter of fact I'm about to listen to your music No Lie.

Jun 16, 18 at 1:13pm

at the library today

softbeans left a comment for Ryokai Kibagami
Jun 08, 18 at 1:29am

Sure there are! I haven't met them though, haha. ;w;

PK Blue World left a comment for Ryokai Kibagami
PK Blue World
Jun 06, 18 at 11:23pm

Looks like your low in PP, I will use Psi Magnet to get you more! PK+zero used Psi magnet on Deshi. Deshi gained 32 PP. Deshie learned PK_Thanks for the add! Hope you enjoy your stay here. What is your favorite video game of all time? Ironically enough Earthbound is only my 4th favorite. My top 5 in order is Link to the past, super metroid, mario rpg, earthbound, and yoshi island. Don't get me wrong I like the newer stuff too but the old school games give me that nostalgia like nothing else can.

Ryokai Kibagami Thank you very much and my favorite video game of all time we have to go to rival schools.
softbeans left a comment for Ryokai Kibagami
Jun 06, 18 at 2:15pm

I'm pretty good. Just really busy these days. ;w;

Ryokai Kibagami That's understandable as I'm just glad that there is a few anime fans in New York as I am in the Bronx permanently while also trying to make new friends and maybe even find someone that Could be a companion.
Jun 06, 18 at 1:10am

P is for priceless just look upon your face,
E is for ease as your eyes have a lot to say.
R for Ravage Beauty that TV will never recognize, F is for how fabulous you are so I'm honored me to reply.
E is Enchanted like the stars in the sky, C is for how cute you are as I hope you are not oh so blind.
T is for the truth upon you I will pusto....
My name is Deshi as I'd like to say....


But to be serious enough I hope that nobody is blind, you are perfect for who you are from your eyes to your full body design.
You are brighter than any star in any sky, you are the sunset that would make any grown man cry.
Every time I see you from every single look, You Have No Secrets within yourself as it only takes one look.
One love to say you're beautiful and a second one to say your unique, a third one is too much because it always passes my Peak.
You might not see the eyes that I have or believe in what is true, the beauty that I see before me is one that is never below or always know which is the right shoe.
I would never say that anyone is perfect and I would never say that anyone is not unique, the truth lies within the believer as you have surpassed your own Peak.
They speak of the peak that I seek Within Myself, someone that will make me smile or just someone that will bring me wealth.
I believe that you will find your peak one way or another, you will definitely be a good friend to others and maybe one day a good mother.
The sea wishes that it could listen like your eyes, just like the night sky wishes it could make memories from your lips that are diamonds in disguise.
The truth the lies within the beholder, I will continue to say these words even one you get older.
A heart never leaves within one's person soul, your soul and spirit that can never be blown out like a flame or even grow old.
You are unique in many ways as I see this indeed, you are perfect in my eyes with a capital P.

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