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Former classmates who didn't pass that national test in 2017 will take this test again tomorrow...(-‸ლ)..That test provides them with an excuse of going back to our school+city, to meet old friends and teachers again...I wish I could have this opportunity..( ̄~ ̄)...I miss those cheap and delicious food, friendly teachers!
That test is regarded to be the most difficult English test in China<actually not>...(-‸ლ)...I remember I felt rather nervous before taking that test....inconfidence in my language proficiency...uneasiness about my lack of revision and systematic study<I don't read The Economist, China Daily..I don't listen to VOA news, BBC news, TV dramas dubbed in English..>.A loafer lol..My only advantage is that I have to use English frequently because of my international friends..
The difficulty of listening comprehension part of that test in 2017 even hit the headline later! Awesome!(•̀⌄•́)...I would like to punch students who cheat in that test, people who sold them right answers and irresponsible teachers who neglected students' cheating...
50% of students in my department passed that test in the end...but 25% of them bought right answers in advance...It was unfair(-‸ლ)...I passed that test with seemingly good scores totally relying on my own power( ་ ⍸ ་ )and luck..
Random thought..

Lynes left a comment for ENKI[TaoistDeva]
Mar 15, 18 at 12:34pm

Magical girls!
My favourite magical girl series was Magical girl Lyrical Nanoha and Mai Otome.

Mar 15, 18 at 11:27am

Four players!(˵¯͒〰¯͒˵)....It looks as if they were playing mahjong rather than chess...Awesome exporters...It seems that this kind of chess is made in China...though it is anything but popular here...

Ulfric[MoonEmbraced] O.O I want to try this! So cool!
Infinity left a comment for ENKI[TaoistDeva]
Mar 14, 18 at 11:56am

Hello, I hope you dont mind me adding you as a friend ^_^

Lynes left a comment for ENKI[TaoistDeva]
Mar 13, 18 at 12:01am

I really enjoy spicy food but to a point. Once it goes to a level of pain and torture on every bite, I am not enjoying it any second. I like to taste the flavour as well as spiciness hitting back.

Food isn't enjoyable when there is only fiery inferno and pain on your lip, tongue, and eyes...

I like spicy butter chicken, dim sum with hot oil, tteokbokki, Pho with lots of chilies!
How about you, do you enjoy extremely spicy food? Hottest I tried was Samyang Hot chicken flavour ramen Buldak. Instant regret.

Elz left a comment for ENKI[TaoistDeva]
Mar 12, 18 at 7:49am

I just wish they don't make a live action movie of it. Most live actions are not really good. Like for an instance, Gintama. I think the only live action I liked is Rorouni Kenshin :/

Elz left a comment for ENKI[TaoistDeva]
Mar 12, 18 at 6:44am

Why does luffy looks sooo old in it???? And naruto is definitely a girl...


Anybody see this weird Japanese TV drama?

[FF14] Taiyou Can not unsee naruto... or all might...

:P...I miss this...

Lynes left a comment for ENKI[TaoistDeva]
Mar 09, 18 at 8:49pm

Do you like spicy food?

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