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Golem uWU

Hell, Niger
I'm a silent weeb and walking paradox...Watching people on this website is pretty entertaining...
Take heed...

A veteran member, I'm familiar with all mods here. Most active from 2017-2020.

Lately I got told that I have a strong aura..

I’m unaware of ways to keep the conversation going if you don’t have any topics or questions on your mind. "Hi, how are you" is definitely not a good way to start a conversation.

Uninterested in dating. I'm very insensitive to your dirty jokes. Deep down, I despise such hoomans.

I really like getting to know people, and playing with some some^^, please be creepy and difficult if you can^u^, I want to add you to my collections of 変な人. I often analyze and discuss creepy or difficult people with my friend OWO.

I really like collecting and reading non-fictions concerning history, animals, general knowledge, shamanism, religion, anthropology, linguistics, cultures, psychology, spirituality and so on.

Urban legends, folklores and ghost stories are my favorites.

Add me on Duolingo! I use that platform to learn languages daily.

Replies are slow because I have to work hard to support myself.

I read and collect stories about humans.

Apparently my life is more colorful than yours...