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Macao, Macao
I'm a silent weeb.

I assure you that our first conversation will be like this:
Stranger: Hi
Me: Hi
Stranger: How are you doing?
Me: I’m doing well, thank you for asking.
Stranger: You are welcome.


Stranger: What are you doing?
Me: Working.
Stranger: Okay.

I’m unaware of ways to keep the conversation going if you don’t have any topics or questions on your mind.

You are no more than a soulless robot in my eyes before I I know more about you.

I watch anime but I'm not good at discussing them.

As a semi-troll, I really like getting to know people, and playing with some some^^, please be creepy and difficult if you can^u^, I want to add you to my collections of 変な人. I often analyze and discuss creepy or difficult people with my friend OWO.

I really like collecting and reading non-fictions concerning history, animals, general knowledge, shamanism, religion, anthropology, linguistics, cultures, psychology, spirituality and so on. I'm also into sarcasm.

Urban legends, folklores and ghost stories are my favorites.

Add me on Duolingo! I use that platform to learn languages daily.

Replies are slow because I have to work hard to support myself.

I read and collect stories about humans.