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Something that you hate?

I thought about this topic cause I was reading a political website's subject line for the elections in New Hampshire. I actually felt ill after reading it. I threw up. Granted I have OCD, anxiety, and depression I can sometimes take things difficultly... I can't stand when anyone, friend or foe tries to play on other people's fears or emotions for their own gain. This site was throwing some false information around to get people to panic and throw their money at a presidential candidate that I am in favor of. However, I still was absolutely disgusted at their tactic. It actually made me sick. Do you have something that you absolutely hate to the core of your being?
I spent too long hating things that I can't change in the world. And I want all those years of life back so I could do productive things with them. That said, the usual. Animal abuse, or abusing anyone weaker than you, cheating the system and ruining it for the rest of the people, all that stuff. I'd rather not get back into that rabbit hole though.
There are few things I hate less than entitled, right with God pricks who are devout in their belief that nothing is worth debating, doubting or analyzing from another angle because they can't possibly be wrong about it. :]
Feb 11, 16 at 8:16pm
The only things that really come to mind are my dad and the part of the country I got stuck living in (socal).
Feb 11, 16 at 8:23pm
i hate stuff and then remember theres sleep and dreaming and stop getting pissed
Stupidity and ignorance. Both drive me nuts.
I sorta hate things that becomes a trend.
Religious people that come up to you on the street, trying to convert you right there on the spot. As an atheist, I always end up suffering an interrogation, and I feel too awkward to tell them to go away.
Feb 11, 16 at 10:13pm
Cockroaches... O.o specially when they fly... Looks like they really feel like a butterfly 0_______0
I hate it when detestable people get their way. Bad things happen in life. Those times make me feel more sad than upset. But it truly makes me livid to see someone taking advantage of someone else, lying about something important or otherwise ruining a person's life for their own benefit/enjoyment. And to see them get away with it is too much. I'd rather there be no trouble to begin with but if there is trouble then there should be a sense of catharsis to it. It just makes me feel powerless. A child's arm being run over because they tripped in the street? That's sad. But to see a parent deliberately break their child's arm to "teach them a lesson" and have that parent get away with it is sickening. That's my take on it.
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