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Dartinin left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Oct 01, 17 at 10:54pm

Hello, How are you doing?

hanzosenpai left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Sep 01, 17 at 10:41pm

hello there, have you seen the newest season of attack on titan yet?

str8nin9 left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jan 17, 17 at 3:31am

you work for the millitary too? I am going to guess you work with the navy, am I right?

jotaro8611 left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Nov 01, 16 at 3:09pm

Hi there, I'm Albert. :) I see you're into the original Gundam series. Have you read MSG: The Origin yet? I suggest checking it out if you're a 0079 fan. ^^

anijesse left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jun 25, 16 at 1:54am

Hello, my name is Jesse. How are you?

Dartinin left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jun 23, 16 at 11:14pm

No I have been watching anime since I was about 13 ^^ I started with Toonami (Cowboy Beabop, Tenchi, Trigun) then branched off to the more obscure anime via early Netflix(Banner of The stars, Kurau Phantom Memory ) ^^ god the anime Netflix used to have 0_0 It would take me a whole page to explain some of the anime I saw then ^^ I used to check out fan subs from rather small little sites online(Angel Beats) but now I mostly watch anime via Crunchyroll a nice reliable source if nothing else. I am new to HunterxHunter though ^^ One Property I find hilarious in both anime and manga form though is Ranma 1/2 Its a nice cheesy old anime that came to the states the year of my birth lol and the manga has lines like "what did you do to a mailbox?!" "I never did nothing to no mailbox" to bad the anime changed that to "I don't know, forgot to put a stamp". Or "If there is one thing I don't like It's a lying Snow man!" Which makes me wonder how many talking snow men does he know lol Sorry going on and on again ^^ It was nice sharing don't get to do that much day to day. It has been nice sharing with you feel free to share right back if you want.

Dartinin left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jun 23, 16 at 10:30pm

Learn something knew every day ^^ Never seen the word husbando before but that is what google is for after all a fast search and I got one new word under my belt. I don't recognize the character but then I just started watching HunterxHunter only got past the Hunter exam that they allude "has only truly just begun". It reminds me a lot of Dragonball and not Dragonball Z but the one with young goku ^^ Though I suppose I could be talking about GT but god knows not allot of people would admit to watching that >.> have you seen GT if so do you think its worth a watch? Sorry about sending all this ^^ I just got myself a passion for Anime which is why I'm here to begin with lol

Dartinin left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jun 23, 16 at 8:48pm

That pillow or body pillow of yours is awesome! Like the whole boarder your using too ^^ thanks for sharing with that picture worth at least one thousand words ^^

Emperor Nihilus left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Emperor Nihilus
May 08, 16 at 3:16am
This account has been suspended.
ThereisnoLion left a comment for SarcasticDesire
May 06, 16 at 9:24am

Hmm, I was impressed by one of the singers from Babymetal at one point, but I really didn't like the way they sang osu and stuff like that. Kind of annoying tone.

I'm probably gonna check out more from all the other bands you sent me though. Naked Arms is really cool, love the synths, especially the bass.
Another World gave me a kinda nostalgic 90's pop-rock feeling, so that's nice.
I feel like Sin in Justice would be a good fit for Death Note. Wasn't too fussed at the start, but I got into it soon after the singing started. Is that Apocolyptica as in the string band that I think did Metallica covers?
L'espoir -Mahou No Akai Ito- is just lovely. I don't really like the whispery thing she does at the start, but I do like some pizzacato.~ ^w^

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