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Dec 29, 18 at 8:51am
I guess Hi how's it going??
al_s @al_s left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jun 22, 18 at 12:59pm
Hi, how are you?
suicidal @suicidal left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jun 05, 18 at 1:16pm
Dartinin @dartinin left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Oct 01, 17 at 10:54pm
Hello, How are you doing?
Sep 01, 17 at 10:41pm
hello there, have you seen the newest season of attack on titan yet?
str8nin9 @str8nin9 left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jan 17, 17 at 3:31am
you work for the millitary too? I am going to guess you work with the navy, am I right?
Nov 01, 16 at 3:09pm
Hi there, I'm Albert. :) I see you're into the original Gundam series. Have you read MSG: The Origin yet? I suggest checking it out if you're a 0079 fan. ^^
anijesse @anijesse left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jun 25, 16 at 1:54am
Hello, my name is Jesse. How are you?
Dartinin @dartinin left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jun 23, 16 at 11:14pm
No I have been watching anime since I was about 13 ^^ I started with Toonami (Cowboy Beabop, Tenchi, Trigun) then branched off to the more obscure anime via early Netflix(Banner of The stars, Kurau Phantom Memory ) ^^ god the anime Netflix used to have 0_0 It would take me a whole page to explain some of the anime I saw then ^^ I used to check out fan subs from rather small little sites online(Angel Beats) but now I mostly watch anime via Crunchyroll a nice reliable source if nothing else. I am new to HunterxHunter though ^^ One Property I find hilarious in both anime and manga form though is Ranma 1/2 Its a nice cheesy old anime that came to the states the year of my birth lol and the manga has lines like "what did you do to a mailbox?!" "I never did nothing to no mailbox" to bad the anime changed that to "I don't know, forgot to put a stamp". Or "If there is one thing I don't like It's a lying Snow man!" Which makes me wonder how many talking snow men does he know lol Sorry going on and on again ^^ It was nice sharing don't get to do that much day to day. It has been nice sharing with you feel free to share right back if you want.
Dartinin @dartinin left a comment for SarcasticDesire
Jun 23, 16 at 10:30pm
Learn something knew every day ^^ Never seen the word husbando before but that is what google is for after all a fast search and I got one new word under my belt. I don't recognize the character but then I just started watching HunterxHunter only got past the Hunter exam that they allude "has only truly just begun". It reminds me a lot of Dragonball and not Dragonball Z but the one with young goku ^^ Though I suppose I could be talking about GT but god knows not allot of people would admit to watching that >.> have you seen GT if so do you think its worth a watch? Sorry about sending all this ^^ I just got myself a passion for Anime which is why I'm here to begin with lol
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