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What would you want to do if you went to Japan?

Lol PVC hoarding.^^ I haven't got an anime figurine for myself yet. I love the way some look now with movement or flowing elements. So if I spot one and we have room, I might get it.
Japan is very americanised. But it's a cute way. Look ate times square with big screens with adds, Japan has the same companies, but the screens sometimes have anime or something.
"Japan has the same companies, but the screens sometimes have anime or something." That Makes it even Better
Times square looks real dystopian, the line looks even more. Tokyo is way better.
Try different foods as much as I could and visit as many sites as possible.
There's a few things I need to do. First off is to go to Miyazu where my nan was born. I then need to go to Ryugu. After that, I think seeing Kyoto and Nagano would be nice. I'd be apprehensive about going to someplace like Okinawa or Touhoku since their dialects are so different that even Japanese need subtitles at times.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Irak2H9GE okay so I would go to this Japanese soccer game
well i like visit some place with temples kioto, Nara, Taito and tasty the food, i love the sake sooo i think that could be interesting and Does anyone know if the Saint Seiya scale armor is still on display?
Attend the Yokohama Strawberry Festival.
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