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What would you want to do if you went to Japan?

the title says it all. personally, i would love to visit all the shrines, both Shinto and Buddhist shrines. then just travle around the country sides. and after a nice long day, just soak in an onsen and relax, and eat some seaweed baked in seseme oil and canola oil (thank you "Annie Chun's roasted seaweed snaks" lol im addicted to them XD
Go to akihabara. Take lots of picture of the life size RX-78 gundam along with me. Go lurk around tokyo. Hmmm. I wish one of these days I would be able to go there with someone ^_^
Yes that's the dream
Hell yeah! Akihabara is like a paradise for me. A lot of stuff going on. Not just about animes/mangas. Oh well, it can wait. :))
Let's see...I'd like to drive a nice car that crashes into yakuza cars and end up owing them money. In order for my life not to end, I have to drive in underground racing circuits around the city that are experts in driving through side-winding mountain trails and win with the help of my buddy, a Japanese dude, who teaches me how to drift from the get go. Or should I tell you about this dream I had about being a delivery boy in a Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX? :)
I'll check out shrines and Mt. Fuji... I also want to go to museums and learn more about their culture... Then go find the companies that make animes...
Eat loads of FOOOOOOOD<3 Now that I know there is a life sized Gundam...I gotta see that...get replica everythings...meet a cute japanese girl and settle down in Japan?
man you said just seems like a dream but it can't hurt to dream, can it? =p
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