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Proud Beast

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dreamkey95 @dreamkey95 left a comment for Proud Beast
Aug 13, 15 at 8:26am
hello! \^o^/
That Uke @thatuke left a comment for Proud Beast
Jun 27, 14 at 11:13pm
Hahaha. He is my favorite character! It's hard not to like him.
I've never seen them all together, unless it was a doujinshi. Those are fun and they tend to be awesome. There is also a game and they are all in it, I think it was for Sega Saturn. Slayers Royal. :) I agree. It would be pretty ridiculous. :P I wonder why they didn't directly add Naga into the mix in the anime.
That Uke @thatuke left a comment for Proud Beast
Jun 27, 14 at 12:25am
I can't remember what took my focus at that time, but right now it has been Haikyuu and No Game No Life. There is quite a bit I am interested in that are coming out next month though. Sailor Moon, DRAMAtical Murder, Free season 2, Love Stage, Sword Art Online II, and Tokyo Ghoul. I am probably going to wear myself out trying to keep up with them all. Dx
Yeah, it was! I was like, "Why haven't they shown her?! Oh geeze! She's in a Cardboard box? Well damn." That was a pretty good movie. I can't really pick a favorite, I just liked Premium slightly more cause it's got most of the characters. Maybe for either a spin off or the next leg of the series they can actually bring Naga into it where Amelia and her actually see each other. It could be interesting. :P
Yeah, her past is pretty heavy. It is interesting. Makes me wonder what Naga and Amelia's mom was like seeing as Prince Philionel is all about truth, pacifism, and uprightness. Her outfit is extremely risque and dark! During the end of Evolution R I think Naga (Nama) keeps taking about her sister, and saying she's a lot like Amelia, so I have no doubt it is Amelia. Maybe Amelia takes off her dad while Naga is more like her mom. lol Yeah I think it was Slayers Premium. I loved that movie. :)
That Uke @thatuke left a comment for Proud Beast
Jun 25, 14 at 11:10pm
Hahaha. I've checked out an episode of it. I ended up getting distracted by other series though. I will for sure be going back to it.
It's funny, Naga tends to be the one that makes everyone laugh but her past is actually really dark and she wants to avenge her mom. She's a really cool character. If I were a lot thinner I might consider cosplaying her. :P She hardly wears anything! lol Gourry is so lovable. He comes up randomly with his thoughts on some things, it's always something funny of course. It's like "Gourry, seriously? You're going to say this right now? Okay." lol I think one of my favorite scenes was when he called Xellos really good looking for being an old guy. I also liked the movie, where he couldn't speak normal and kept telling Lina "I love you!" poor Lina! lol
Hi! I just browsed and found your profile. I loved the Slayers too. For some reason Xellos has been my favorite all time anime character, even though he's pretty evil. lol Hope to see you around!
ロイ @wallace614 left a comment for Proud Beast
Dec 20, 12 at 8:57am
Hey how are you whats up with ALA are you going