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That Uke

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scryed @scryed left a comment for That Uke
Nov 05, 19 at 5:10am
Hi how are you? Want to chat?
Hi there! Matched with ya and would like to talk to ya! Let me know if you'd like to talk sometime!
saucyguy @saucyguy left a comment for That Uke
Jul 08, 19 at 12:30am
hey just joined and looking for somebody to chat with
l33thull @l33thull left a comment for That Uke
Jun 23, 19 at 6:41am
U-um, hello!
galactic @galactic left a comment for That Uke
Apr 27, 19 at 7:21pm
Hi! I'm new here. Wanna chat? :3
Neverland @dakoya left a comment for That Uke
Nov 29, 18 at 8:53pm
Good day m8, no croc catches today mean no leather shoes for you. On a more serious note, do you know the tv show Arthur? (he's an aardvark)
ConceptSama @conceptsama left a comment for That Uke
Feb 12, 18 at 12:36pm
Nice! the lower the percent the more intrigued i am
Yellow Otaku @yellowotaku left a comment for That Uke
Jan 15, 18 at 4:48pm
Hey, what's up?
Akihiko @akihiko left a comment for That Uke
Jan 05, 18 at 12:55am
Worth it for me. He traded me that card for something generic like blue-eyes from the Kaiba starter deck( had 2 kaiba and 1 yugi at that time). I then traded that card for a Tyrant dragon(dope as fuck, can attack twice under the right conditions, GG, don't believe me? look it up and be amazed!) as well as some dragon type cards because they are the shit. The god card looked fake as shit anyways. Mio is my girl~ Solid choice! I'm a sucker for preordering video games now. Anything RPG related I'm done. (Help me Uke. HELP ME.)