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Just a little while ago I saw a local restaurant was giving out food for kids out of school whose families might not be able to provide a daily meal for that long. It's a heart warming gesture but if I'm being real, not one that can last for very long. Last year I noticed a bunch of people were paying it forward in the form of fast food (maybe other ways too but I only experienced the fast food). Now would probably be a better time for that. If you go out to buy something you'll need, maybe talk to a manager about paying for an extra of that item for someone who will need it later, may it be fast food, vegetables, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, baby food, or anything you can think of that someone might need but have trouble with after a long bout out of work and only if you can swing it without it being an overwhelming detriment to you and yours. Pass this on so maybe it'll reach other communities too. Stay safe out there.
This image you made and that thicc plot you made gave me a art <E R E C T I O N>. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x5a9rn9TSM You do hit that story on the nail! I always imagine I be dat boi saving the fly princess hotties of the courtyard. My dude! Thanks so much!
Onizuka @averageboss left a comment for TimidGiantArt
Feb 08, 20 at 11:36pm
Starting Life in another world should be the original run of the series I think (if its listed as 20+ episodes, it certainly is). Then there are some ovas/side stuff. Directors Cut should be: Re:ZERO kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Shin Henshuu-ban Its dub only, and only 6 episodes are out so far I think.
TimidGiantArt @digitalwolf001 Thanks again. Saved my night big time.
Onizuka @averageboss >.< I hope you like it.
TimidGiantArt @digitalwolf001 Episode 1 has me thoroughly hooked. This anime is epic level! ^,^
Onizuka @averageboss Then I will consider my recommendation a success. :P Have fun with the rest of the series... when it's all out anyways (you will probably catch up pretty fast and be waiting with me on the other directors cut episodes and season 2 XD).
I just remembered this place. I thought I'd come in and crown myself the victor but it seems people still stop by. Hey there everybody else.