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30 year old Male
Last online about 5 hours ago
Saint Cloud, FL
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Nocturnal Beherit left a comment for Onizuka
about 7 hours ago

Oh yeah, it's been a over a week, but better late then never, but thanks for accepting my friend request.

Elgardiel left a comment for Onizuka
Apr 20, 19 at 10:29pm

I was the same ... like I had 1 week ..but I was more busy then beeing at work O.o
btw... I made batman prop for a firend ( I will post end pic in like 2 min) Go check it out if you want..
I know u do custom paint jobs on figures so u might like :D

Apr 20, 19 at 10:27pm

Been super busy this week and have not really had a chance to talk to people on here directly too much. Hope everyone is doing okay and has a great Easter weekend, whether you celebrate it or not.

wowicanhtml5bro left a comment for Onizuka
Apr 14, 19 at 11:49pm

and yeah, i noticed that while watching 00 too. the similarities in CG and Gundam were definitely there. the more i get into this franchise, the more im enjoying the depth and complexity.

Onizuka My only real recommendation would be that when you get around to watching Universal Century stuff, watch them in chronological order (with Origin being the exception). Several series were made at later points to bridge gaps between earlier series. I believe the recommended viewing order is the original series/079 -> Origin -> 8th MS Team -> 0080 War in the Pocket -> 0083 Stardust Memory -> Zeta Gundam -> ZZ Gundam -> Chars Counterattack -> Unicorn -> F91 -> Victory Gundam
Onizuka Just be careful not to burn yourself out, and feel free to read a plot synopsis and skip a series if you really are not enjoying it. Also of note is that F91 and Victory take place so far into the future, viewing previous stuff is nowhere near as important.
wowicanhtml5bro left a comment for Onizuka
Apr 14, 19 at 11:48pm

its fine, i enjoy detailed rambles. aint that the point of being passionate about something? after my brother and I finish 00, we're kind of stuck on what to watch next.

he's interested in after war, and im interested in Wing. Wing holds a special place in my heart cuz it was the first anime i ever laid my eyes on.. long story lol. never saw it, but it was the first piece of japanese animation exposed to me that felt special, yknow?

any recommendations?

wowicanhtml5bro left a comment for Onizuka
Apr 14, 19 at 11:38pm

"I am a fan of Gundam 00 myself. Feel its pretty underrated in the grand scheme of Gundam (gets overshadowed by all the universal century shows and Wing mostly, but also is not disliked as much as Seed, nor a memorably silly as G)."

sorry i cant directly reply to the thread, i guess the computer doesnt allow it.

just getting into Gundam thanks to my little brother. im glad i can recognize all the shows you just listed based on what he's told me. amazing series, and i do agree that 00 feels underrated compared to the others. is it your favorite?

Onizuka Its REALLY hard for me to pick a favorite Gundam series. Wing has the nostalgia factor as it is the first I saw. 8th MS team was amazing start to finish (though very short). 00 was very suspenseful in a good way (and I enjoyed the specialized mobile suits), the movie was...odd though...really odd. Zeta is probably the darkest series, which can be fun in its own way). Unicorn is a love letter to the franchise. Sorry, starting to ramble :P .
Onizuka Also of note, I consider Code Geass to be a Gundam series in everything but name. It was made by the same people and borrows so many of the same story beats. The mechs are just a bit smaller, and they don't go into space.
OtakuKnightXCVII left a comment for Onizuka
Apr 14, 19 at 11:34pm

Hey bud. Glad to hear everything is alright for you. Not much for me. I'm literally bored out of my mind, and worst part is I got work tomorrow. But on the bright side, the Anime is looking good for me hahah.

OtakuKnightXCVII left a comment for Onizuka
Apr 14, 19 at 11:29pm

Yo!!! How's ig going bud?

Onizuka Going okay, just finished a 12 hour shift and my daily workout. Checked in here while eating dinner, about to hit the shower. How are things on your end?
wowicanhtml5bro left a comment for Onizuka
Apr 14, 19 at 11:16pm

i hope so too. traveling is an amazing feeling. once you taste it, the world feels smaller. i hope you get to enjoy it too.

rafaelsanzio left a comment for Onizuka
Apr 14, 19 at 8:43pm

Brooooooo you are a literal artist
you have so much talent !!!

Onizuka Thank you :) .