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What would you want to do if you went to Japan?

I would go to Akihabara for a couple of days, then go to Mt. Fuji, and the other districts in Japan. In addition, if I had more than 1 week in Japan then I would go to Osaka and see the difference between that area and Tokyo.
If I were to go it would be for atleast a year so I could travel the entire country the good and the bad. But yea on Pround Beast's answer to this you are an "Initial D" fan aren't you?
AKIHABARA THE SHOPPING DISTRICT!!! X3 A MAID CAFE!!! A COSPLAY CAFE!!! AN IMOUTO CAFE!! A BUTLER CAFE!!! A MANGA LIBRARY!!! XD The go lurking around trying to get a job as a manga artist X3
akihabara first stop, do some racing on the tsukuba circuit.... and more racing out in the mountains... not sure on the car i would take though... truenos are awesome but so are R32, S15, S2k, and S13
I'd absolutely love to go and get lost in the mountains.. just travel alone and meet new people. but i do plan on going for a semester abroad there in senior year of college here :p so i'd be doing character design and shit blah blah every weeaboos dream haha. i love my major xD
go to mount fuji one week of snowboarding thhen go backpacking trough the country side of japan eat lots of the local quisine like fugu the blowfish because what's life without some adventure ofcourse before i go i have to atleast atend 1 anime /videogame convetion cuz i want to try casplaying and end my vacation going to nagisaka one piece amusement park
Go to Kamakura again and feed those crazy ass pidgeons and go inside the green Buddha. Yeah you can actually go inside it. It was originally copper but the elements made it green. And it did have a shrine over it but it was either a typhoon or an earthquake that kept destroying them so they stopped rebuilding and just let the Buddha stay as is. I also suggest the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi Hills. It's just fun to go see. Also Universal studios in japan is awesome! They have a rollercoaster with a built in mp3 player and you choose the song you can listen to as you ride it. They had japanese bands but last I went they also had Bon Jovi lol. Mount Fuji is fun. You can purchase a wooden walking stick and at each rest station you can get a burn engraving onto it so it shows how far you've gone up the mountain. :) Comiket is Japan's biggest convention. But I must advise you the cons are nothing like the ones you're use to. They're very...serious? You have specific areas where you changes into your cosplay. Once in cosplay your are guided to the only play you can be in costume and get photos (which back in 2007 was a very crowded roped off area on the roof. It was in august and disgustingly hot especially for those like me whose cosplay was entirely black) It is something to experience, just be polite and follow their rules. They get enough scrutiny from the public as it is. Going to Hiroshima and seeing the monuments there is always memorable as well. And if you're looking for somewhere warmer, Okinawa is great too :)
I plan on living either in Japan or Hong Kong. I would want to live either in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka, or just outside of them. As for what I would do, I would like to explore Akihabara, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro and just enjoy myself as I am placed in Japanese culture. If I were to live in the cities I would like a high rise penthouse (eventually) that has roof access and a spacious interior, I would have tatami mats, for example, but shoji made of translucent privacy glass, and most of the interior structure to be brushed metal and light colour woods. I would like a teppanyaki grill and gas wok burner in addition to a small more conventional range and oven. If I were to live outside the city I would have a concrete framed, wood accented house in the more traditional style, large enough for me to have the space to do my work. It would have the regular shoji doors for interior doors and insulated bamboo doors for the outside. I would make sure the house was better insulated than most Japanese homes, I would have the same type of kitchen but I would want a koi pond and small garden in the courtyard. This is assuming I can be successful in Japan and probably after 10-20 years of more minimalist living conditions.
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