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What would you want to do if you went to Japan?

Give Kazuki Takahashi the biggest thank you ever for making my life awesome! :D
(better late than never) I would go to Akihabara, and try to time my trip so I could also experience Comiket. Then I would travel around Kyoto and visit some shrines. Then I would go to the restored ninja village in (I think?) the Iga region. Finally, I would go to the area around Sapporo, find a quiet little place, and just take it all in. All throughout, have my sketchbook with me and nine thousand pencils. lol
So when I FINALLY get everything together and go to Japan, I would like to see some real drifting, visit shrines and temples, view the Cherry blossoms in Kyoto, and eat some authetic takoyaki ^^ and then go just with the flow haha
I was there and did almost everything I wanted. Missed a few things.
Move over there <3 x3 Akibahara the first time I visit, Then sightseeing Tokyo.. When that's done.. Time for an onsen <3
If i was there again I'd never leave >_> In all reality I really want to go to tokyo and am almost at my goal!
Visit my friends and never leave that holy place.
I think I'd love to go to a few shrines and get richer in the stories. I love Shinto mythology. Buddhist mythology is cool too but, for some reason, I just like Shinto mythology more. I would also really like to see at least one kabbuki play while I was there and see some other plays. I'd also see about maybe getting a few games or some manga so that i would always remember my trip there. I'd also love to go to a few bars, sushi restaurants, tea houses, and see if I could see some kendo lessons. Though, if I was able to go to Japan I might never want to leave and even see about looking into citizenship.
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