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46 year old Male
Last online about 8 years ago
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yeah well i hope you have fun and dont forget to bring me a sunflower =3
hi^long time no chat ^^ miss you too =] i been better what bout you?
gundamzero @gundamzero left a comment for talamar
Dec 15, 13 at 5:42pm
Hey talamar you have a great collection of anime your just like myself and I own most of what you own on dvd and blu ray so checkout my profile bro
hey talamar i watched that amv you made me yesterday but i forgotten if i told you thank you so thank you :3 i thought it was good <3 *hugs* thanks again cause well...i know u took ur time to make that and i know how much a pain in da arse making amvs can be soo...^______^ thanks alot!!
i like a video over youtube type in "can you keep a secret? amv" and go to the vid with the long white hair girl u be amaze by that one it really different you might like it ^-^
saiyuriquinn @saiyuriquinn left a comment for talamar
Aug 20, 13 at 9:30pm
Awesome ill try those out. :P
saiyuriquinn @saiyuriquinn left a comment for talamar
Aug 17, 13 at 4:21pm
hmm im not good with names, once its on my ipod or my phone i forget. I think theres a band called pillows lol. how about u? Got any good suggestions on jRock.
mizzmay @mizzmay left a comment for talamar
Aug 16, 13 at 1:07pm
Pft I would make a great lesbian. My tongue has like these three little shark gill looking ridges on each side. Like some body modification made for licking pussy. But its natural and every time I look at in the mirror I think "jee God must love yur" Anyways, its still the same ol shit and the more you tell people to fuck off the more they jump on it.
hey......you been on this site longer than me is there anyways i can erase a topic?????<:( my topic is just way too much for me to hanndle every tme i read the posts i started crying im starting to regret ever making that fucking topic!im so stupid i didnt think looks were so fucking important...<=( if ur not pretty but have a good personaily ur still unnattractive soo whats the point in living if you cant be beautiful talamar whats the fucking point of love then?i give up dude love is just too fucking hard...way too any fucking asholes on this site just too many fucked up people...too much negative shit on this site!
saiyuriquinn @saiyuriquinn left a comment for talamar
Aug 14, 13 at 9:44pm
I ofcourse go for jpop/rock, i also love heavy metal and hard/soft rock, i also try everything in the music industry i do like a little of everything. For music editing i just edit out the parts of songs i dont like and have the parts i like repeat it self and merge others into it. My week kinda sucks i went on a week vacation and i guess my boss is trying non shalant ly trying to punish me by making me stay late all the time now. BOO. lol but other than that I have no desire to sleep. insomnia to the max.
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