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What would you want to do if you went to Japan?

I will eat food. I will eat so much food, in fact, it will disgust both myself and others around me. I'm going to have so much food shoved down my gullet I'll be lookin like a gaddamn squirrel stuffing his cheeks. I can get a flight of sushi at the same cost as a limp chicken wing here in the US, so what can anyone expect me to do?
He'll turn into mother trucking Kurby
Japan has so much to see, do, and go to. I would like to see Japan's Tech Show, eat their delicious food, I would like to work in their unique cafes, and learn their tradition/culture. But most of all, have fun in Japan.
Meet Araki, and leave. Thats all
I am after the video games. Trying to get PC Engine, Famicom, Super Famicom and Sega Saturn games in the US is a bit of a nightmare. Same with some Japanese computers like the MSX, X68000 and PC-98. Getting one of those over here is nearly impossible.
^ that, Akihabara, and Nara
Like if I went again on a trip? Or we talking long term? I knocked out a lot of what was on my bucket list the first time I went, so I dunno. Depends on what part I suppose. Maybe check out some shrines and scenic spots, already did the whole pvc hoarding thing. Might be nice to check out comiket again. I'm not big on thin books but there's a good energy there, some legitimate love and passion for otaku culture there you don't see with western cons. Check out more restaurants too. Maybe even do some more animu pilgrimages too, dunno.
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