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Last online 2 months ago
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Mar 15, 23 at 7:40am
@hibarisan Not to worry, little lady, he'll be back, he always is. Also your next line is: "hopefully" that's it!
Miyuki @hibarisan :') Hope so
Miyuki @hibarisan ME wana see more gabe cosplays!
Feb 28, 23 at 11:32pm
Gabe,I hope you're doing okay.. Wherever you're.
Glad to see your return. Sorry for the family stuff. It seems like you get a bit of stretch on peace and then you get these mega family explosions. I hope you are well otherwise. Also, there's a character in Potion Permit named Victor that kept reminding me of you. Basically you cosplaying Undertaker.
@arc I will offer my apologies to upsetting you. I agree I should have been clear on my meaning. Haha, alls well that ends well. Keep up the good work!
To let people know. I am doing the best I can with current situations. I can't sugar coat the direness of what I'm experiencing, but I'm taking life one day at a time. My father was released on bail, but he'll have to go back to court in March for the actual trial. My mother's mental health is poor dealing with this. Compounded with her younger brother's failing physical condition isn't great either. However we're holding fast for now. Thank you to those that reached out to me to give support. Little things are truly saving the day in my world currently. I can't give my thanks enough.