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One Hell of a Gabriel!

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Oct 21, 20 at 4:40am

dude i need ur help w something.
so i was listening to this

and there is something, like a memory
of a cyborg that was once human
and he wanted to die so he replaced more and more of his body with cyborg extensions in order to fully erase himself.
by the time the party meets him he has nothing more than a part of his brain that is still human.
if i remember right, he is protecting a little girl and they are on the run from a company/some guys or something.
i know there was a party made up of randoms that somehow got to meet this character, together with that little girl.
i think it was some kind of train station, or loading area where they first met, or passed at the same place. i think he and the girl were spiting there, i think he told her to hide..
i have a hunch that it might have been a ps2 game.

idk have u played anything like this ? have u got similar memories of a game ?

Oct 16, 20 at 12:32pm

Weeeeesker <3<3


Dudes cant have anything to themselves...that thread was for me to share funny stuff with people who enjoy memes. But dudes gotta ruin everything with their off topic posts. I literally yelled at someone in the earlier pages for the same thing.

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 I understand if the thread gets derailed but you can only post 2 things...a gif and a video meme. How people can comprehend i have no idea.
goater @siruboo im not sure if i compute
Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 Well buy a computer then
Oct 05, 20 at 5:15pm

why do you get all the thirsty hoes man XDDD...share around some for us too XP

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Oct 02, 20 at 6:38pm


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Oyabun @senpaisamasan
Sep 28, 20 at 7:25pm

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LilyYazawa @lilyyazawa
Sep 22, 20 at 7:29pm

Thanks. They look great. I'll save them tomorrow!


I see your a friend of our Bronasaurus friend ghoulieleader


That is coming from a place of emotion. You said yourself you believe in your cause based on empathy which is emotions. No one can be more factual than hearing from the very people you wish to defend. However it is clear that isn't what you are fighting for.

"It doesn't matter if they are black that isn't what black lives matter is for."

Then the only logical perception is you desire to feel like you are part of a cause simply for the thrill rather than the intended result.

That is the flaw with most modern protests. They want results but they can't be bothered to listen or hear unless it involves a flashy statement or a loud anarchist cry.

In all the posts you personally made prior to this year you never once brought up voting or attending rallys for equal rights. Now it is headline news and that's all you can talk about.

Hate me cause I am telling you the truth. But if you want to make the most influence don't become what you hate.

Sep 03, 20 at 11:14pm

black officers are statistically more likely to shoot please people so they are apart of the problem so i dont care what they have to say

if you want to change my mind dont appeal to my emotions, show me some facts and charts and shit

stuff i cant actually argue against

Skelemby @momoichi black people not please people lol*