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what are you doing right now?

Mar 25, 16 at 4:54pm

title, basically. what are you up to?

im watching TV and SRing for a shiny cobalion

Mar 25, 16 at 4:56pm

I'm at work impatiently waiting for it to be tomorrow already so I can watch Batman V Superman lol

Mar 25, 16 at 5:01pm

Waiting on 14hrs of work to hurry up...

Mar 25, 16 at 5:07pm

wondering why my life sucks

Mar 25, 16 at 5:16pm

Making a few AMV'S, school work, laying out in the sun, Whimsical Writings.

Mar 25, 16 at 5:35pm


aren't we all, rofl

Mar 25, 16 at 6:31pm

What the? Why do your life sucks? XD There are effin lots to do in life. Grab a hobby. Go to work. Cuddle with your bf/gf. Or maybe smoke weed to go to la la land. Pffft. Sleep around if you have to. Face danger. Let the adrenalin come rushing in. Just do things that will make you feel alive!

Okay dont mind me. Im just drinking coffee as I would like to combat my hangover, being laidback and coding with pals because someone tried to inject back the concept of making outputs out of coding - although Im not really the best programmer out there hahaha xD

Mar 25, 16 at 7:02pm

im kinda light headed today, not sur if its because i had a bunch of blood drawn from me.

Mar 25, 16 at 7:08pm

LOL, do you get your blood drawn often?

Mar 25, 16 at 7:12pm

they took a lot of blood just to test it

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