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Video Game News

Dec 28, 20 at 3:35pm

I got you some christmas candles for Pandus


@a1ephy uwu with how much you mention the ps5 you make me think your secretly trying to buy one for me. You must love me alot aleph-chan


All that matters to me is that I can get a PS5 by the time Ratchet & Clank comes out! And/or Horizon 2.


Developers REFUSE To Censor Cyberpunk Game On Nintendo Switch! Top Hat Studios

Jan 05, 21 at 3:38pm


I was just listening to Yellow Flash 2 about the news, Top-hat is being the most chad-tastic company and heroically refuses to bend the knee.

This is really a good way to start the new year for video games, I'm honestly tired of all these 1980'sh censorship way of thinking.

I'm planning to buy a psychical or digital copy (I mostly prefer psychical) of the "Sense a Cyberpunk Horror Story", they definitely deserve our support and the visual novel games is definitely up my alley.

This really hits home with me cause I bought "Death Mark" on ps4 and it had really important scenes censored, despite it being a M+ game.

Making me lose the important context of the investigation.

(Apologies for this going off like a rant, "HEATED GAMER MOMENT" needa blow off some steam. LOL)


CDPR claims leaks are fake.

Jan 06, 21 at 7:11pm

Fucking hell, KOF XV's trailer was postponed yet again


Screw everything else that is supposedly coming out this year. This is what I'm after.


Same man, same.

Jan 06, 21 at 8:43pm

No man's sky. Get back into it, they've dramatically improved it and no paid add ons.

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