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Playing no mans sky recently its pretty decent. Sometimes i get the occasional bugs like during a superheated storm i was being launched in the air. Or when i docked on a freighter i ended up being launched into space where i died due to no atmosphere. Walkers phase through buildings. But besides that its pretty fun.



This article make me wanna kill myself. The start of the article is already wrong. Dark souls was all ready remastered.

This has to be a troll. For clicks and ad revenue. If this a real person. Just kill me.


She definitely left. I don't even wanna get into it. Just fix yo damn articles man. Stop baiting. I mean that's a good lesson. You want clicks and ad revenue. Just start your article off as wrong as possible. And, do everything in your power to upset the reader.


Eveybody makes mistakes. Are you perfect? I'm not.

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