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PS5 pre-orders

Sep 01, 20 at 7:10pm

My thing is I play pretty much everything. Like consoles, PCs and handhelds. Like I used to mod handhelds personally, Same with the ps2 stuff like that. To me a true gamer plays everything just for the love of gaming. Speaking of consoles have they announced a price for the ps5 and Xbox X series?

Sep 01, 20 at 7:14pm

true gamer plays mobile games.......

Sep 01, 20 at 7:15pm

Hey I’ve played some mobile rpgs when they looked like they were ripped from rpg maker.


@jesper0 This man gets it.

I feel great shame at these supposed "gamers" that are kicking my ass in Overwatch with their "skill" and "team chemistry" and "planning" and "composure" and "knowledge" of "the game" and "characters."

It's like, bitch, come back in a 1000 years when your dumb ass has understood the elation of sliding your greasy thumb around a make-believe D-pad on your phone's screen. Come talk to me when you've mastered the perfect amount of squinting to read the text.

Fucking posers.

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