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PS5 pre-orders

space cadet @bob_loblaw Seeing this all is making me want to replay. I think I bought the Witcher 3 Christmas' ago? It was such an awesome game. But then I started back on all the Assassin's Creeds. I'm still smack in the middle of Odyssey. I need to finish it.
Also, miss Gwent. The stand alone version wasn't as good as in game in the Witcher.
Jan 09, 23 at 10:58am
@verucassault So you never finished Witcher 3? If not, then I'd say to drop everything and start it back up! Might have to start over from the beginning tho since it's nearly impossible to get back into a game after leaving it for so long. Despite the clunkiness of some of the controls, it might be my #1 game all time, and I think the side quests are a big part of it. Easily the best side quests of any game I've played. I just did one last night that was a serial killer murder mystery. It prompts after one of your close female friends in the game gets assaulted, manages to escape, but is left in critical health. You go around the city Novigrad and dead victims all tortured and killed the same way... tied up, forced formaldehyde down their throats, eyeballs removed and replaced with coal, and their chests cut open with a note stuffed inside on who the next target is. After following the trail, the last note directs you to a whore house. You find the killer torturing a prostitute and are given the option to kill him or ask a question... If you kill him, the side quest is over, BUT you'll find out he wasn't the serial killer, and you'll never find out who did it. If you question him, you find out the real serial killer tricked you, but then you find out who the real culprit is, track him down, and then 1v1 him. That's JUST a side quest. No other game has a world built like this.
space cadet @bob_loblaw Oh I finished it. I just loved it so much I would replay it. The expansions doubled the length of the game but I did all the missions. It was so good.
That witcher thing sort of reminds me of skyrim. Skyrim had many instances where you could kill a person and later find out it was the wrong person and stuff like that. Then stuff like reading books would lead to misisons where you could discover certain things and a bunch of mysteries like cannibalism and vampires cults.
Jan 10, 23 at 5:43pm
Panda, yeah Skyrim and Witcher 3 are similar in that regard. My personal preference is the overall setting and lore in Witcher 3 than Skyrim, but if you controlled your character in 3rd person instead of first person, it would essentially be the same game.
Jan 10, 23 at 5:45pm
And there's no better time than now to play it since the PS5 upgrade is free! @verucassault Ugh yeah both DLC's were sooooooo gooooooood. I'm actually hyped to play them again. The villain in the Hearts of Stone expansion is a million times better than any villain in the normal game.
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