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PS5 pre-orders

Sep 01, 20 at 2:35pm

Here's a true classic


I have that, and a gun still.


dyadka_yar @dyadka_yar

And its a gun game.

Sep 01, 20 at 2:36pm

My cousins had an nes. I remember going to their house just play nes and of course duck hunt



That is a good one. I do have a suggestion for you. This game is just goofy nonsense.


I will keep an eye out. Thanks XD


and follow up question? Do you know if this game in particular has 5 screws or 3? Collector question.

5 screws were the earliest games produced. After a couple years "reprints" and newer games had 3. Apparently it changes their value.

I was curious.



Monster Party was a late release for the NES at 1989 so it only has 3 screws. 5 screw games exist before the first quarter of 1988 since they had moved on to the 3 screw design back in 1987. They just had a stock of 5 screw cases that were completely used up by 1988. In some cases the 3 screw is actually more rare than the 5 screw version since the production of the game had ceased soon after the 3 screw had been introduced.


Nvidia just announced the RTX 30 series, and the #pcmasterrace crowd has crawled out from the basement to say how the new consoles are already obsolete.

Consoles and PCs both have their own purpose. Neither is better than the other. It's as pointless as someone claiming a truck is better than a car, or a hatchback is better than a sedan.

If someone wants to save up their money and get a killer gaming rig, then that's cool. And if someone wants the convenience of a console and enjoys the exclusives, that's cool too. But nobody buys a fucking console because they wanna use photoshop and browse the internet.

Every system has a demographic.

I have a $1900 Alienware PC set up. Throw in $350 for the desk, and another $350 for my Secretlab chair. I SHOULD be a PC douchebag... but I still spend 90% of my gaming time playing games on my PS4 while lounging on my couch.

And that's why I'll be getting a PS5. Along with this...

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