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What was the very first console you owned and first video game you played?

ツンペーパー @tsunpaper
Feb 29, 20 at 12:24am

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive was my first console. I was 2 years old playing the Sega 6 pack which had Sonic, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi, Columns, and Super Hang on. I can't say for sure which of those was the first game I ever played but if I had to venture a guess it was probably Sonic. Still a Sega weirdo by heart to this day.


Maybe you already answered this question but, Define owned. I only ask because my father owned a Nintendo 64, and I played space invaders alot the few times I visited.

The first system I was gifted was a ps1, and the first game I played on that was the GTA precursor. Open city were you could be either good or bad. Didn't really like it much.

And the first system i bought for myself was the ps3, and the first game I played on that was heavenly blade, which I found incredibly fun, if not linear.


The first ever gaming console that I owned was a Nintendo DS, and I loved the hell out of it. I also enjoyed the fact that I could insert GBA cartridges in it. The game it came with was a Mario Kart and I remember being horrible at it!
But other than that, the first ever gaming console that I played was a PS2 or maybe the GameCube; my Dad often woke me up late at night just to play with him or watch him play. Up to this day we still play together!,

v̸̱͕̠̤͚̣̼̑̾̈́̉͛͂̾̕̕e̶̛̜͕̅̒̍ @verous commented on What was the very first console you owned and first video game you played?
v̸̱͕̠̤͚̣̼̑̾̈́̉͛͂̾̕̕e̶̛̜͕̅̒̍ @verous
Mar 03, 20 at 2:20pm

Gameboy Advance with Pokemon Firered (Both are still working). Loved firered but having no backlight was/is just painful. Especially compared to smartphones with good screens.


I had a GBA with Pokemon Yellow. I didn't have the nostalgia of picking a starter because I got Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur all in game.

Miyuki Chan @hibarisan
Mar 06, 20 at 3:14am

Gameboy Color.. With Link's Awakening DX,Then at age 4 PS2 was my first very console..
Had Crash,Spyro,PacMan World 2 yet used to played Namco Museum many times as a kid.
Then DS came...Super Princess Peach was one of my first games back then...
Last year played it a lot and almost finished the whole game..
Good times.


Had both an NES and SNES but I mostly remember playing a lot of Super Mario World and Street Fighter 2 (not sure which version).


A Super Nintendo with Donkey Kong Country. Best childhood ever.


That's hard to remember, but the first game I ever played (I think) was Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the SNES. Either that or Marvel VS Capcom on PS1. The first console I ever actually OWNED though was a 360 (was all over Street Fighter 4 and a bunch of others) since my brothers owned all of the consoles we had growing up.

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