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What was the very first console you owned and first video game you played?

永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1
Feb 16, 20 at 6:44pm

I can't remember if I ever made a thread like this... But yeah, I figured I'd make a thread where everyone shares cool stories about their very first game console and the first video game experience? I'll go first.

So, my very first game console I owned was the Sega Genesis. I was about 4 at the time and my dad suddenly decided one day we're gonna get a Sega Genesis for some reason or another. Back then the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo were extremely popular game consoles and they had that whole console war at the time. "Sega does what Nintendon't." or Nintendo does what Sega doesn't or something like that? In any case so yeah we went to a ToysRus. It was the first time I ever went to one actually. And we picked out a Sega Genesis. At the time, they were having a special where one game would come with the Genesis. It was a choice between Vectorman or a Garfield game.

And obviously my sister and I at the time thought Vectorman sounded and looked really cool compared to Garfield. Of course Garfield's cool too, but I mean look at the box art for Vectorman! How could it not hyped up a 4 year old? xP And you had no real clue back in the day if a game was good or not since there wasn't anything like gamefaqs or online game reviews or any of the sort.

But yeah, my very first video game was Vectorman. I played and loved the heck outta that game. It had pretty good graphics for a Genesis game at the time and it was a really fun, unique 2d shooter platformer, the soundtrack was really amazing too. It completely blew my 4 year old mind the moment I popped that game into the Sega Genesis. And It took me about 2 years to actually beat the game though. It was a pretty challenging game since there were no resets unless you had a cheat but I had no game guide for it but I persevered and managed it. It's kind of a shame that Vectorman never went anywhere after Vectorman 2. There was a 3D vectorman game in the works for the Playstation 1 but then it got cancelled which I understand why because there was so many changes that lost the spirit of Vectorman. It'd be interesting to see it return... In any case, with all of that said, I'm curious to hear about everyone elses first game console and video game. xP


Original NES with Duck Hunt and Track and Field!

RainX @rainx
Feb 16, 20 at 10:42pm

An Odyssey 2 with KC Munchin's Crazy Chase. I was 3 when we got it for Christmas as a present for my older brother and I.


I remember playing the 2 games Gabriel has posted above


A Gameboy advance with treasure Planet was the first I owned. The first I played was super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64


Puh..Hmm..First console I got was a Nintendo DS, other then that I only shared a XBox360 and a crappy PC with my brother back in the days before I got myself a decent Laptop to game on.
To the first game part, I got into gaming trough friends and my other brother. I can remember that my brother showed me WoW when we had a grill party at his place and he also let me play CoD Blackops on his PlayStation at some point when visiting him and he also showed me the beauty of real time strategy when he let me play Command & Conquer: Generals (even tho I don't really get into RTS games too far, but I really like the genre). I'm still having the cracked version he gave me on CD xD . My friends just showed me stuff like League of Legends and such. And Need for Speed Undergrounds 2 was one of the games that hooked me back then. Yeah that should sum it up really.


Family Computer with Mario and Contra, can't beat alone, but we can finish it with my cousin. Last boss is surprisingly easy.


Atari 2600 and probably between astroids and pit fall. I still miss my Atari. Then, Nintendo, SNES, Gameboy, virtual boy (Nintendo's failed abortion of a VR headset.), Nintendo 64, Gameboy color, PlayStation, Gameboy advance, Gameboy advance SP, PlayStation 2 Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 2DS.


The first one I got was an used GameCube.

Only emulators before that. God bless piratery.


Mine was the second post.My first console was the NES and Super Mario Bros.I would stay up late on weekends trying to get back to where we left off.

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