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30 year old Male
Last online about 14 hours ago
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elhaym @elhaym left a comment for 永遠のルナ一
Feb 04, 21 at 5:12pm

why are we not friends? D:

seruru @seruru left a comment for 永遠のルナ一
Jan 24, 21 at 4:42am

Yes I remeber you've mention Slayers before! I'm familiar with That anime but sadly have yet to seen it, especially since it has everything I enjoy about old school/90's anime and the opening sounds so upbeat and fun! I really like the art style toox though exaggerated I fell like thats what makes it expressive!

As for Record of Lodoss war I do recall you mentioning that one as well and that opening is incredibly beautiful! ^^ In a way it's sounds both really nostalgic but with a hint of melancholy as well, which the singer really nailed for a war/fantasy style anime! The op really does give you the sense of how that word is

Also I'm suprise I haven't heard of Hikaru no Go, I wonder since like you said it's one of the animes of that time being based in an ancient game rather than the trends that were going during that time. But its really cool, since you get see actually history with this game and that's always up my alley! The end theme sounds great and I like how the character designs are more grounded but still quite memorable!

emmely @emmely left a comment for 永遠のルナ一
Jan 21, 21 at 4:35pm

Hey thanks for the comment! :) The character is from Fairy Tail, Lucy Heartfilia <3

Jan 16, 21 at 3:09pm

True, I never really drew anything specific just whatever was in front of me mostly landscapes and most of that was just trees and the sky XD I’m really good at them stick people. :D oh wow that’s interesting how far along are ya in your learning?? Must be very challenging I could never learn another language wasn’t always too studious haha YouTube’s is everyone’s best friend lol I just watch a bunch of cooking/baking videos and get myself really hungry :(

Jan 16, 21 at 2:29pm

Hobbies?? I don’t think I have any at the moment, I used to do art but I was really bad but hey it was time consuming XD now I just work and work and deal with neck pain caused from stress •_>• watch some tv shows on my time off I wish I did a lot more lol how about you??

Jan 14, 21 at 5:18am

Yes :) Have it on dvd too X3

Jan 13, 21 at 10:20pm

Honestly haven’t had Pizza Hut in a long time lol don’t remember what it tastes like xD

Jan 13, 21 at 7:20pm

Haha, anime phase! I started out with it too xD pretty amazing and completely wow’d me! The whole story, art, characters, openings and endings!
Pizza Hut? Do you like? XD

Jan 12, 21 at 6:33pm

Lol yeah I've watched hey arnolds been forever too X3

Jan 12, 21 at 4:04pm

Hehe cool I'm in a game and as a rouge *-*

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