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29 year old Male
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Jan 16, 21 at 3:09pm

True, I never really drew anything specific just whatever was in front of me mostly landscapes and most of that was just trees and the sky XD I’m really good at them stick people. :D oh wow that’s interesting how far along are ya in your learning?? Must be very challenging I could never learn another language wasn’t always too studious haha YouTube’s is everyone’s best friend lol I just watch a bunch of cooking/baking videos and get myself really hungry :(

Jan 16, 21 at 2:29pm

Hobbies?? I don’t think I have any at the moment, I used to do art but I was really bad but hey it was time consuming XD now I just work and work and deal with neck pain caused from stress •_>• watch some tv shows on my time off I wish I did a lot more lol how about you??

Jan 14, 21 at 5:18am

Yes :) Have it on dvd too X3

Jan 13, 21 at 10:20pm

Honestly haven’t had Pizza Hut in a long time lol don’t remember what it tastes like xD

Jan 13, 21 at 7:20pm

Haha, anime phase! I started out with it too xD pretty amazing and completely wow’d me! The whole story, art, characters, openings and endings!
Pizza Hut? Do you like? XD

Jan 12, 21 at 6:33pm

Lol yeah I've watched hey arnolds been forever too X3

Jan 12, 21 at 4:04pm

Hehe cool I'm in a game and as a rouge *-*

Jan 10, 21 at 6:21pm

Absolutely!! Forever fav!! ^___^

Jan 09, 21 at 11:25am

Yes and thank you :) and ohhhhhh lunar and lunar eternal, those are major good classics ❤

Jan 08, 21 at 8:34pm

Hi. Yes, Hikaru no Go is one of my favourites of all times.

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