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lily01 @lily01 left a comment for 永遠のルナ一
lily01 @lily01
Aug 23, 20 at 10:20pm

Nice to meet ya Lunar! :D
Ah yes FMA is one of my favorite.
That and cowboy bebop and much much more (:

Aug 15, 20 at 2:48pm

I never really watched Futurama, I think the main reason I was sort of over sci fi at the time and was only watching Fantasy cartoons/anime. lol and it just seemed so sci fi ish. I also don't normally watch adult cartoons. They tend to have gore scenes ( like Simpsons) and some gross humor. But I do enjoy the humor that was in that video you posted XDDD

astryl @astryl left a comment for 永遠のルナ一
astryl @astryl
Aug 14, 20 at 11:09pm

I personally like the first opening

永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 Get over is really good! They reuse this opening as instrumentals during really dramatic moments in the anime. I love that version a lot too. xP
Aug 06, 20 at 6:56pm

Were similar in more ways than one! I also have very few friends, I think only one of them right now is into anime and most are pretty busy right now... I also stay as far from drama as possible. Exhausting and not necessary during these crazy times. I always try to be open and honest and sometimes I feel like that can sometimes scare people off. Or some people just lose interest in me. (shrugs) I get you! don't worry. It's better to air on the side of caution. I know meeting people on the internet can be sketchy at best and terrifying at worst. I've had experiences with both good people and bad. I met my best friend online and we've met in person quite a few times. But I've also met some pretty crazy people online too so it's hard to know who is really who.

I've heard about Your Lie In April. I feel like I need to be in a special kind of mood because I heard it's sad towards the end so I should be primed and ready to cry lol. Slayers!! One of my favorites of all time! I love LINA! I wanted to cosplay her one time XD its too bad I'm so poor! I swear she's one of my favorite female anime characters. I also love the way the magic is designed in that anime. I think the opening theme in season two is also my favorite opening of the entire series. So awesome! I hope you enjoy it.

Also, I love mythology...it's another passion I have. A reason I loved Hercules too. My *real* name is a part of a greek myth which sorta ties into my love of mythology in general. I'm a big fan of wanting to rewrite myths (I'm a writer by nature) and love creating the new characters. I think some of my favorite god pantheons are the Celtic gods and Egyptian. Just because of the stories associated with them.. or in the Celtic's case.. lack of stories associated with them and just scrambling to get any sort of info of what people believed they were like. It's sorta fascinating to me.

Aug 06, 20 at 5:59pm

How could I forget Hercules? I loved that one too! There are so many good ones it is so hard to choose!

Yes I agree with the whole dub thing, I think it was a pretty bad one. I get so sad when an anime I like has a horrible dub. Bad memories lol...

It does seem we like a lot of the same stuff which is cool! Can't believe I found someone who likes similar things to me. It's rare indeed XD. I'm glad you reached out cause I can sometimes take a bit to reach out to others.

Do you have a favorite anime your currently watching now?

I'm not too fond of the newer animes out right now myself. There was this one called Ascendance of a BookWorm though that I've gotten into. I think that's the most recent one I've liked... I also watched BNA on Netflix, that one was pretty good too, the animation is stunning.

Aug 06, 20 at 4:49pm

My problem with games is it's hard to keep my interest in them. I love compelling lore...(obviously..my name lol) but I like creating my own character so I like open world games I can explore as sorta myself instead of taking on another persona like most games do. But it's hard to find a good combination of both. Fallout I like reading the terminals and stories of people in the past before the bombs fell, I loved the open world of KH and magic and stuff lol. But I haven't been really interested in any of the open world games I've looked at. I myself love good story as well, I'm just picky I guess. XD Also my friend is on Fallout 76 so that helps.

As for my beloved Castle in the Sky...gosh, dating myself really bad here.. but the first time I saw a preview of it was back when I was watching VHS version of Kiki's Delivery Service. I saw the preview and I was like OMG I need to watch this! It's everything I love! And then had to wait until it came on DVD to watch it because I could not find the VHS of it anywhere. Later I think I realized that it had some problems getting onto VHS somehow? Oofff..I loved the story and characters of that. I sometimes joke that Laputa is still circling earth behind large big clouds when I see them. But yes! it had such beautiful animation.. all the Ghibli films do! Kiki's was great as I'm a huge fantasy/supernatural fan and love witch characters.. (Again..my name..hehehe)

Also you did ask before about my favorite Disney movies.. that's REALLY hard. I mean..I really have a lot. If were talking princess movies, Aladdin and Little Mermaid... non princess, Moana, A Goofy Movie, Mulan, Hunchback of Notre Dame...Lilo and Stitch is REALLY good too..So many choices...It's really hard for me to choose honestly. I'd probably rewatch all these movies. I love Mulan and Hunchback's soundtracks...Moana's signature song is like my theme lol. I'm just a really big fan of Jasmine and Ariel as characters though. I can relate to them both a lot. How about you?

Aug 06, 20 at 4:14pm

Yes! Webby and Beakley are some of my favorite characters in the new series! Clamp is awesome.. and I do play a few games but I'm not much of a gamer honestly... mostly KH and randomly Fallout games that's about it.

Studio Ghibli movies are god! My favorite is between Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky. I've seen most of them. I think there's only two or three I haven't seen! What's your favorite?

Aug 06, 20 at 3:36pm

Hello there! ^^ Yes I am a major shojo fan, I have much more favorites but those were all I could think off the top of my head at the time. Oh Magic Knight Rayearth in anime form was very beautiful ascetic wise. I love the style of old animes animation. The story was pretty good too and the dub was pretty good for dubbing standards!

Yes I am a disney fan lol. The old Ducktales was so awesome. But I love what they did with the revamped characters. They definitely gave the characters more depth and I love the new personalities along with strong female characters which I always appreciate! They do pull some things from anime I've noticed into their series! They even did a episode set in japan! Thanks for posting on here! XD Sorry if I ranted a bit much, I just love talking about this stuff.

Aug 06, 20 at 5:38am

both manga and anime felt unfinished. How I wish the creator would continue the story cause it really feels incomplete.
I also watched Silent Voice before and it's a good movie though I kinda forgot some of scenarios. I might watch it again. You should definitely check weathering with you.
I don't know the 2 movies you have mentioned. Are they good? The movies I was able to watched before were from ghibli.

Aug 05, 20 at 12:44am

I love Gakuen Alice. I like the story and it gets better when you read the manga. Somehow, the ending of it seems quite unfinished. Anyways, Weathering with you is a lovely movie. The story is about a love story of a runaway boy and a girl who has a power to summon the sun. The plot of the story takes place in Tokyo where the rain never stop on pouring. And I don't want to be a spoiler so if you are curious, just watch the movie. :)

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