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I think the original Zelda dungeon theme on the NES is my favorite dungeon theme. There's so many moods and atmosphere for a simple 8bit track. Like the moment you walk into a dungeon you feel the intenseness and chills as you hear the music play while you're exploring a dungeon unknown to you. I mean something like Dragon Quest also had a similar punch and Koichi Sugiyama is an amazing composer too, but I think because it's a turn based JRPG, I feel like it's more interactive in something like Zelda because you actually feel the desperations within your own actions. Koji Kondo is also a brilliant composer too. His works have a simplicity yet complex charm to them and they're so memorable. I found a really nice orchestral arrangement by Malcolm Robinson. I love this guy's stuff his other works are amazing highly recommend them, but he really captured Koji Kondo so well and even expanded. This is honestly the best Dungeon theme I've heard that's orchestrated or what I found anyways. xP https://youtu.be/1Y5xAFSiBlE
A cute entertaining animation video I found of Kirby discovering the internet. Kirby is just so innocent/adorable as far as Nintendo characters go so it's just perfect and I just loved this animation. Shadok did a wonderful job animating this. ^_^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWFA60hE2J0
I still never beat the original Phantasy Star 2, but I remember being exposed to the game at a time around my pre-teen years when I didn't really understand JRPGs. What appealed to me were the CG art it was so gorgeous! It was pretty impressive for a game in the late 1980's and the amount of detail for the sprites and the anime styled portraits. But what I really really liked about was the music. I really love the music from Phantasy Star 2 a lot. There's a really nice arranged version of the overworld themes which are very amazing! https://youtu.be/gfFCG-dzSfU
Welcome there Rwby. Yeah you're bound to find people with similar interests here. Lots of anime fans and nerds among this site and whatnot.
This thread has quite the SIRIUS problem. xP https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fireemblem/images/7/7e/Sirius_TCG.jpg
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