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The pingu meme guy

Last online 4 months ago
Acushnet, MA
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Nov 20, 21 at 1:11pm
Lol ofc I love Animal Crossing too that's why.
Time to go through my friends list and delete any inactive accounts and stuff. Then fill it with new people I meet
Hows it going everyone?
Leave it to my parents to throw a surprise party for my dad the day after his actual retirement/party. 2 parties in a row and yet I just to level up in genshin. At least the food looks good
well. my dad retires today. see you all after the party
Sep 23, 21 at 10:11pm
Never played them except the Fire Emblem Warriors game. I did enjoy that one very much ^^
Sep 23, 21 at 3:28pm
Why thank you!
Genderfluid means what what I identity as can change depending on how I'm feeling.
The pingu meme guy @ilikegundams Ok im going to say something and PLEASE dont take it as an attack. Im just curious about things and like to know stuff. The ability to change gender based on feeling seems impossible as at least to my knowledge gender is determined by chromosomes when your born. When i was researching i kinda just looked at the info and my brain went dumb because Im very used to the 2 genders concept (i mean it has been that way for 5000 years or so). But i also dont want to be an outright dick and tell you that your wrong and am willing to take in new ideas. If you dont feel like responding im willing to take a whoel day to do some real deep research
Audio-senpai @audiosenpai There's a difference between gender identity and biological sex
The pingu meme guy @ilikegundams It seems that i have some self educating to do then. Saturday will be productive
Time to go through my friends list and cut out the people who have deleted/inactive accounts. Hopefully can replace those with some new people as well as maintain the ones i already have. I know ive been gone for long and tbh i dont know if ill stay or not but its good to see everyone again
Nootnoot/penguin man!! It's me PK it's nice to see old friends! My fellow Gundam fan How have you been? I miss your funny monolouges and life observations. They are very entertaining. I hope all is well. How has life been treating you?
The pingu meme guy @ilikegundams going through a fuckload of changes actually. rethinking career choices and getting my shit together in general
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