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The pingu meme guy

Last online about 1 year ago
Acushnet, MA
Oh wow where do I begin. I guess I should explain why my pfp is a robotic penguin of all things. Basically I'm a fan of memes, particularly from an old show called pingu. Anyway about me. I go by many names here but just call me noot (everyone else does). I've been here for a long time and used to be extremely active but now I come and go thanks to my new job. But I'll respond to any messages within a day or two. I consider myself to be a completely reasonable person who at the same time can joke around and be extremely easy to talk to. I pride myself on being extremely loyal to any romantic partner if I currently have one above all else. If you want to know more than ask I guess XD. I don't bite
Mar 31-Apr 2
Mar 30-Apr 1