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BrokeNN left a comment for ookamilw
Jan 21, 20 at 10:12am

Hello friend ,I'll be in your care

Frank left a comment for ookamilw
Jan 04, 20 at 10:25am

^ verify yourself in this thread for the discord server

Dec 30, 19 at 9:06am

Abandonment issues are something you have to struggle with yourself, best thing anyone can do is listen to your stories / memories and identify what exactly you’re dealing with, it can range from severe trust issues (I am struggling with that shit) or constant nagging anxiety that makes you unable to connect/become intimate with others, usually due to a deep rooted subconscious fear you’re not “good enough” since you e been left before. If ya wanna vent a bit I can try to give advice but the rest is up to you being able to stomach those feelings and face them head on when they kick in.

foo_fighter left a comment for ookamilw
Dec 27, 19 at 8:25am

if you can give me advice on perseverance,not burning out that would help

Versai left a comment for ookamilw
Dec 06, 19 at 5:51am

Exactly, and if it happens their happiness jus happens to include loving u, then it's a definite plus ;)

Versai left a comment for ookamilw
Dec 06, 19 at 4:44am

Ookamilw, no that's legit a good wish! Whether or not she will love u back is completely up to u.

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