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What was the very first console you owned and first video game you played?


doood i first had a nintendo 64 with some trash games, including Metroid and tetris, and some games i wouldn't know their names to but they were fun nevertheless.

degenerate_kun @degenerate_kun
Jun 18, 20 at 9:55pm
This account has been suspended.

The first console I ever owned was the Gameboy Color but the first ever game I played may have been Super Mario World for the SNES.


Nintendo DS lite in mint green. It wasn't my favorite color, but it did introduce me to Harvest Moon DS Cute ♪ I got addicted really fast, and I was so young that I barely understood anything. I felt bad that my chickens kept dying though, and I would ship the garden rocks, weeds, along with wood if I found it in the back of the house. Eventually I stopped playing because my chickens never stopped dying, so I moved on to Kirby :')


First system I owned was a Gameboy Color and the first game I played was Conker's Bad Fur Day. My 20yo brother thought it would be funny to watch a small child play that.


The Playstation. Well, I'd say my first game is Marvel vs Capcom or Gran Turismo 2.


first system i got was the ps2, i got it pretty late, just as the ps3 came out, first game i played on it was gran turismo 4.


The first console I owned was a PlayStation2. The first game I had was Ben 10 Alien Force. I was 6 years old. I think.


That was the first and last console I owned.

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