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What was the very first console you owned and first video game you played?


only other console that i got was an xbox360 that i modded and hacked lul


i gave a custom paintjob, i replaced the leds on the controller and the power button, way bigger hard drive and the hack so i could pirate games on it, never got around to trying mods and trainers


A keyboard that you could put cassettes in from the local fair and kept raging on Cave Mario


Same^ but bought from your shady neighbourhood russian store plus bonus 99999999999 games in 1


Gotta love those shady neighborhood Russian stores.


Mine was sega, playing sonic,sonic 2, sonic and knuckles. My favorite was playing all of sonic 2 with knuckles as the main character. All you had to do was put in sonic and knuckles, flip the top of the cartridge back, add sonic 2 on top. Bammmmmm!!!!! Got to play through the levels with knuckles.

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