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Name the most frustrating game you ever played

Sir gone
Feb 17, 18 at 2:46pm

Life is the main one but I'll pull another one up and that would be rainbow six siege as the servers on pc suck and my internet is run by a monopoly and they refuse to upgrade 50 yr old cables.

Feb 27, 18 at 6:41am
This account has been suspended.

Zelda Ocarina of time. Didn't use walkthroughs, still love the game but it was hard.

Feb 27, 18 at 4:28pm

Overwatch when chateau deathmatch is full of junkrat and moira.

Feb 27, 18 at 5:12pm

INVERSE FLAPPY BIRD.... ITS SOO DAMN FRUSTRATINGGGGG ARRRGGGHHHHHH (just coz flappy bird was not frustrating enough)


Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, the game was good...til the motion controls got worse and I couldn't get to the Thunder Dragon without THOSE FREAKING DEKU BABS PUSHING ME OFF THE TINY PLATFORM!!! To paint you a picture you have to cut them a certain way which is dependent on how they open they're mouth (either a horizontally or vertically)...and whenever I swung sideways Link swung vertically. This causes Link to get STUNNED LONG ENOUGH TO GET ATTACKED OFF THE PLATFORM!!! It frustrated me so much I traded the game in THAT NIGHT!! Sorry if I seem dramatic...those controls seriously pissed me threw the Wii Remote into the wall pissed off... x __x


Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

not my cup of tea in terms of gameplay nor story wise, but i really liked the art so im really suffering playing this. making me stressed even more than usual


One game that REALLY comes to mind is Strife: Quest For The Sigil from 1996 - for a game that helped to start the whole immersive sim along with stuff like Thief, System Shock, Hexen and Deus Ex it turned out to be really poorly balanced and insanely frustrating game which hurts all the more when it seems like a game I really should love it to death being a huge fan of huge fan of old school FPS games but... Ugh, I can only tolerate so much terrible design before I start hating a game.


League of Legends, Love the game, but the people.... I wanna punch so many people in the face. -_-"

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