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Name the most frustrating game you ever played


Devil May Cry 3 for me. It was a hard, fun game, but my god were the camera angles awful at the worst times. Can't tell you how many times during a boss fight I suddenly was unable to find the boss anymore because the camera decided to give me a good look at the ceiling.

Great game though, but still...

Apr 10, 18 at 12:25am

I don't really play something if I think is going to frustrate me, so it's hard to say.
The most recent "frustrating" game I played would be Cuphead, but the fact that it was hard is what makes it fun.

Hmmm.. but since I see many people mentioning League, then I have to mention Dota2 in my case. I don't really get angry at the game, but other unpleasant people can really kill my joy for it.


As of recently The "Give me God of War" difficulty was a bitch. The dam valkyrie queen could one shot kill you. As annoying as it was when I finally beat her I sang to the heavens and thanked baby Jesus


Well when I was young, it was Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 1. A few fights in that, at least to tiny me were completely bs.

Actually recently tho, easily Nioh. While I could beat that game, I don't actually feel much accomplishment from doing so cause the game just seems like unfair bs and gimmicks. It's not fine tuned or fair where most things feel like your fault if you die like souls and bloodborne. To me it felt like a rage game purposefully made to be unfair and hard for all the wrong reasons but hey maybe I just couldn't get on that game's wavelength.

Jul 17, 18 at 4:19am

Y'all tried Touhou on Extra mode yet?


I haven't played any legit touhou games beside Kabuto battle on the ps4. Love a lot of the characters from the franchise tho


Bloodborne almost done with it ^^


Bloodborne was so much fun~ I "Technically" haven't beaten it cause I beat it before the nightmare was added however I have beaten every boss multiple times on different playthroughs and who having to help my friend get past a certain bosses otherwise he'd have quit the game >w>


Most recently I would have to say Dying Light. What could have been a game I should have really enjoyed since I quite liked the Dead Island and it's pseudo sequel Riptide even if they were a bit rubbish but Dying Light was just so... Tedious, monotonous and needlessly frustrating for no reason at times. I quite liked how it handled open world and traversing across that open world with parkour and the melee combat (when you could actually fucking hit the fucking enemy and they're not cancelling their animations non-stop to dodge and block everything) felt really satisfying but everything else just fell apart for me. Too much bullshit game design, frustrating enemy types like the fast fuckers or human bandits and enemies doing damage or grabs where you were out of the way just turned me off from the game completely. I somehow completed it, the story definitely didn't help since that's woeful as well but I can get past a bad story since I don't really play games for that. I highly doubt I'd try The Following expasion any time soon.

Jul 17, 18 at 5:57pm

Lunar Dragon Song for the DS was probably the most frustrating for me. Not because of difficulty cause this game was more or less a breeze to beat, but mainly because of how barebones and backwards it was. Especially since it had been 10 years since the last original Lunar game was released.

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