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Coventry, United Kingdom
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Do you like old school.rpgs?
syrex :> @syrex left a comment for InfernalMonsoon
Mar 15, 22 at 10:27pm
Hey, do you remember me?
Oct 19, 21 at 7:53pm
Hi! Ty for friend request! I'm new >.<
Literally beaten this about 20 minutes ago and it is a truly forgotten hidden gem and was an absolute blast to playthrough. So bizarre, fascinating, beautiful, dreamlike and fun as heck with a gorgeous abstract art style and plays around with a bunch of different genres really well. It ain't perfect and the combat lacks variety but it's a great experience I likely won't forget. It's just now getting a PC version releasing on Steam soon so it's pretty much a perfect time to give this one a bash :) https://www.siliconera.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/el_shaddai_box.jpg