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25 year old Male
Last online about 7 hours ago
Coventry, United Kingdom
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I wish u a great night! Sleep well and enjoy your evening! Don´t watch to much horror videos D: Try watching some cute and wholesome cat/ doggie videos on Youtube! x3

InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon Thank you! Wishing you a goodnight too c: And don't worry - I wouldn't want to think there's a monster on my ceiling while I try to sleep hahaha :'D
ellenkon @ellenkon left a comment for InfernalMonsoon
ellenkon @ellenkon
Jun 05, 20 at 1:32pm
This account has been suspended.
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May 17, 20 at 8:00pm


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Dark skys @l_luii_28
May 06, 20 at 1:15pm



I saw you were a featured Otaku. ;)

InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon Yay! Sometimes I find myself on there even when I'm not too active on here from time to time :o

Making plans for a Doom mapping project with a bunch of friends and people in a Discord server I'm in and have started writing up a design document as the basis. Of course I'll be making a level or two myself so hoping to put it out there once the whole thing is finished for any fellow Slayers interested in whatever weird and crazy stuff I usually get up to :D


Enjoy this wholesome content <3

Mar 20, 20 at 11:03am

I just had to fucking look up what "yonks" meant. Why didn't I catch that before?

InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon Haha don't you worry, I'm known for using silly British terms! And somehow I didn't respond to your last message and now I feel bad about that OH NO! D:

I just updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 yesterday and I absolutely despise it so far - what the hell were Microsoft smoking making this dumpster fire?

Onizuka @averageboss My guess as to what they were thinking is... "well, everyone is going to have to upgrade to this anyways once programs start to only work on it, so why try?"
Creampie Princess~. @theghoulieleader Funny how I have Windows 10 and it will not install updates and it still tries regardless

I'm not gonna be on tomorrow since I'll be out with my besties for New Year's Eve so I'm sorry if my response to your message is taking a little bit! But I also wanted to just warn everyone that I'm going to do a HUGE clean out of my friends list on New Year's Day. I have 5 years worth of people who have come and gone in there so it's about time I finally tidied it up.

If you're a good friend of mine even if we haven't spoke for a while then don't worry you're fine but if anyone wants to make sure they don't get unfriended then feel free to send me a message.

Other than that, I hope you all have an amazing 2020! :D

InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon Oh I forgot to mention recently added people are fine too since I haven't gotten much chance to properly talk to ya yet!