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Name the most frustrating game you ever played

What game proved to be the most frustrating to you? Ideally its a game you played fro more than a few minutes then gave up on. For me I would ay it is Dark Souls.
Omg so many. Dark Souls was hard, but fair (I always used the master key to miss out blight town) I'd say the Lawn Mower Man on SNES was brutal, took me many years to complete. Marathon (game which was made by bungie before Halo) was bare knuckles bleeding hard too, never completed it. Oh & escape from the pit, that game gives me nightmares
Spidersoft are evil, but the first rpg I ever made was made by them (Escape from Exile) so I remember their games fondly ^^
For original Nintendo Ninja Gaiden and Mario were rather frustrating. I hate bottomless pits.
Dark Souls is tough as nails on the first playthrough but once you know how everything works, the different strategies and what-not then playing it for a second or third time is almost therapeutic imo. I've played quite a fair number of frustrating games since I enjoy delving into world of obscure and unknown stuff but the most recent games that I've found really infuriating beyond measure is Cry of Fear and Strife: Veteran Edition. They're not bad games by any means but damn do they have some abhorrently designed sections that are some of the worst and most frustrating parts I've ever had to deal with in a video game.
Probably going to get some flak for this, but one that comes to mind is Dragonball Xenoverse. Don't get me wrong, it was a cool concept to create a Z Fighter and go through a unique story with RPG mechanics, but there was barely any balance to the game. In the previous DBZ fighting games, if the player was good enough, they can play as Hercule and beat strong foes like Goku. However, they ripped out most of the skill involved and boiled it down to a numbers game. And the fact that some attacks were completely unavoidable and uninterruptible, even when you teleport behind the attacker and started attacking them, made me put the game down and never touch it again. I don't know how they improved with Xenoverse 2, but I'm just going to wait for Dragon Ball Fighter Z.
Dark Souls 2 I think it was with the damn secret reaper boss that divides into two halfway through the fight. Took me three days to beat him since I tend not to touch anything long ranged in Dark Souls. Just straight Melee. But that was cake compared to Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together. The mission where you have to save this girl from the enemy attack straight from the start of the battle. I could easily beat the stage, BUT I REFUSE TO CONTINUE WITH HER DEAD!! SHE KEEPS DYING BEFORE I GET TO HER >:(
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