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Name the most frustrating game you ever played

The only thing what is frustrating me is that I never can end a game.... (not because I'm not good, but because I can't play a game for more then a hour.. :/ game addiction whats that?
Shinobi for the PS2. Still haven't beat it after all these years.
Vagrant story on the PS 1 That freaking Golem and me hitting the wrong button to accept( It wasn’t X) Love it but my god.
Every fighting game ever. Because I'm very competative but also terrible at fighters no matter how much I practice.
League of legends lol played it for almost 2 years and it has literally turned me into a nasty/mean person
Dark souls bloodborne demon souls castlevania on nes pitfall the old school game and more
Ninja Gaiden I for the original NES. Those little birds that spawn & respawn out of nowhere when you go through difficult situations, like jumping from platform to platform while annoying enemies are attacking you then the annoying enemy birds that conviniently spawn infront of you right when you jump to a platform attacking you and why do they deplete so much health? Lol You jump towards a platform, bird conviniently spawns i front of you, hits you, then impact pushes you into a bottomless pit lol
@Ransylv Yeah I hated that too.
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