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Name the most frustrating game you ever played

Deus Ex Mankind Divided, thank god for online guides
The most frustrating game I've ever played was a brilliant little gem on NES called Dungeon Magic. Super early days of 3D scrolling but it had a really unique magic system where you would combine the Runes of various elemental teaching styles for effects. Some combinations were more potent then others. It was very hard and tedious but I got some deep joy from it when I'd get just a little bit further than the last game over. Check it out if you're interested.
HERESY Don't you DARE INSULT MY BELOVED DARK SOULS! Souls! Souls.... I need more...souls. You think I'm crazy, YOU'RE CRAZY.GIVE ME YOUR SOULS! Gives me Conniptions. But in all seriousness the most frustrating game of all time for me... Well if we're going by difficulty alone it'd be my dark souls 1 ENB challenge playthrough. However Dark Souls puts me at peace not frustration even in death so that's not really the correct answer. In all honesty, Frustration in games has all but left me since I first beat Dark Souls when I was like 13. Taught me patience. So it'd need to be before that. Ironically it'd probably be Kingdom Hearts Rechain, when I was a kid. That danged Larxene fight was just annoying as all hell for some reason. Give me Dante Must Die Mode, Dark Souls Midir and Gael all day long before that slog again.
I don’t know why, but I rember rayman 3D being just the most annoying and inferiorating game I had played.
Bro!!! Rayman 3 was amaaaazing! But it was definitely hard to me as well at a young age. It's probably stereotypical, but Call of duty is just frustrating when in multiplayer for me. Bunch of ballock kills and flying prone bullshit.
Basically any Guideline Tetris Fuck the SRS rotation system https://i.imgur.com/71pHsZX.gif This is not okay
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I'd probably go with Chakan: The Forever Man for the Sega Genesis and I only had the chance to beat the game once (It was so long ago...) but I warn you the game itself is brutal... I love the game still to this day even though it gave me many headaches especially during boss fights but you'll eventually get the hang of things after awhile. You may have been granted immortality by defeating death itself but death's "blessing" is really a curse... https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-5Zml7TN2O5o/TxFacpugzrI/AAAAAAAAM6E/wmM1n7oB3QA/s1600/Chakan-The_Forever_Man_Title_Screen_%2528SMD%2529.gif
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