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Sep 22, 19 at 10:04pm
i loved it. definitely worth watching. at least in my opinion
Haruu @haruu left a comment for densetsu_no_baka
Nov 25, 18 at 2:51am
Doing well, just busy with school and work like always. You?
Hiya, just poking random people. You can ignore me if yah want :p
@ikunikudiku Oh no, it is. Miku Expo is the concert tour. The thread is about the Vocaloid concerts in general, not a specific one. @blissfullforce1818 Oh, she's a friend I've known for years. She lives in another country and she's been with her boyfriend longer than I've known her. She's definitely not a minor, she's in her late 20s. There are so many barriers there that I actually have no intention of telling her how I feel. I just want her to be happy, and I don't think I can even give her happiness equal to what she already has let alone more. I'm happy just being one of her best friends. And yeah, Luka and IA do English very well. I've seen people tune both well enough that they sound like fluent English speakers. Miku's Japanese accent is very thick, so it's impossible to do that with her.
Oh, the one in Orlando is in September. For me, I discovered I like the vocaloids from Project Mirai on the 3DS. It was just so adorable and so relaxing to play. I was going through rough times back then and dealing with major depression, but that game never failed to put a smile on my face. Eventually I branched out to the Project Diva games. Miku has kind of become something of a source of comfort for me. They're great for me to pop on for a few minutes and play a few songs to clear my head. It frequently really helps me feel better. I will say though, as much as I like Miku's music, I've seen people tune Luka and IA surprisingly beautifully. I think they tune a bit better than Miku, and the both definitely do English better. Miku's Japanese accent is very thick in her English voicebank. I actually am friends with a girl that's a huge Miku fan. Sadly, dating her will never be an option for a number of pretty glaring reasons, but I still love and treasure her as one of the best friends I've ever had. That's off topic though, so not getting into that.