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Name the most frustrating game you ever played

Jan 10, 19 at 2:39pm

I find most 2D fighting games to be very confusing. Some titles do have good tutorials (Guilty Gear, for example), but most of them are very difficult.

Also Dark Souls. As much as I like the idea and theme of Dark Souls, they'll never be my favorite games. I believe that difficulty in games is a very sensitive matter and needs to be approached carefully, I never felt motivated enough to learn Dark Souls, even though I liked its setting and atmosphere. Nioh, which came out years after the first Dark Souls, took the formula, turned into something unique, different from DS but close and made me interested in overcoming the difficulties and I think that's what DS games always lack.
I like it when other games take Dark Souls mechanics and play them out differently (Darksiders III, Nioh, etc.).

Jan 11, 19 at 11:32am

It's going to sound weird because of how much I love it now, but Breath of Fire 3 back when I was younger. I had no concept of puzzle solving then, so when I faced the block puzzle in Momo's tower(if you've ever played the game you know what I mean) I was totally stuck. I was always thinking, "Okay, I need to find the right order in which to press these 4 switches" when in reality, you only need to press 2. It was a friend at school who finally gave me the answer to that one.

If I had to pick one that I still get frustrated with, I think it would be Smash. Sometimes, it's like "Oh my god, I can't believe I just did that. That was awesome!" and other times it's like "Oh my god, will you just get out of here already?!" (I don't multiplayer by the way, cause I got no one IRL to play with, and the internet lag time is too awful for online battles to really run smoothly, so it's all CPU enemies.)


Mario Super Sunshine <.< to this day that game still makes me rage because the controls are so freaking temperamental.

Jan 11, 19 at 12:53pm

Without a doubt Mario Party, my friend has the N64 and every once in awhile we pull an all nighter playing in a group and at least one or two of us rage immensely every time lol


This game called life. Every time I think things are going well, it tosses me a curve ball and messes up my rhythm.


In all seriousness, I've yet to find a game that was frustrating. If I don't like the gameplay, I return the game to the store from which it came. Hence, why I gave gamestop my copy of FF13 because I hated it.

Jan 12, 19 at 1:36am

@Azanarchy: I learned the controls well, but there is still one Shine Sprite there that is always a bitch to get. The Pachinko board, because the physics on it are so messed up it's ridiculous. It's even harder than the river of death, because if you're very careful, you can walk along the wall of the river of death to the start and try again, or, the maverick moves I did back then, walk on the wall, jump over the water to get a coin you missed, and hover nozzle to the wall on the other side safely. But the Pachinko board has no funky work around like that. You just have to get lucky.


@kratos10987 I always had problems executing spin jumps when they were needed. I think I stopped at like 87 sprites and had just gotten to bowser when the game made me so mad I was done with it

Jan 12, 19 at 4:49am

im not a gamer and iv played very few video games (Skate (idk which one), some star wars game that a lil kid farmed me at, nier: automata, ect)

one game that left me pissed was Borderlands 2
i played it when steam was doing a limited free download of it
it was fun and funny for a bit, but the boss fights were painful (probz because iv never been good at anything that wasnt an mmo)
that yeti fight where you had to run to grab the ammo to keep shooting was killing my eyes (i hate over shoulder/first person in general)

diablo 3 belial fight has to be the most frustrated iv been in a game i love though
the point and click movement made what should have been a simple fight fucking horrible
i died over 20 times (i counted because i couldnt believe how annoying it was) but on diablo himself i only died 6


League of Legends. I've triwd that game a lot but it's just so confusing to anyone that just jumps into it and you need to do research and pay for heros unless you want to grind forever. At least that's what I think, idk the community is ass in my opinion and playing with friends just feels like im letting them down.

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