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Name the most frustrating game you ever played


I wanna change my answer to this ^^^
I repressed all the rage induced salt memories I had from those days


killswitch for the original xbox .... the last level was like ridiculous I like gave up on the game and only beat it like 7 years later


Kingdom Hearts 2 the fight against Sephiroth.
The final boss had 3 health bars and dealed a fair amount of damage.

Sephiroth had 16 health bars and could one hit you anytime..


Never got that far in Kingdom Hearts 2 but you've just reminded me of the Riku fight in Kingdom Hearts 1... The worst part of that was not the fight itself but the unskippable cutscene you had to rewatch over and over and over again - that just adds insult to injury and it frustrates me so much that happens on a lot of infuriating sections in games :/ Getting flashbacks of the head room from Cry of Fear again *shudders*

Feb 15, 18 at 6:53pm

Getting over it with Bennett Foddy. It tests your patience and can lose everything wherever your are...


I guest that could be any game for me


Try the pitioss dungeon in FFXV...after failing at trying to land there without dying i made it to the dungeon and then spent the whole day trying to win this xD


I feel like the first Kingdom Hearts was the hardest of the KH games.
But i am really looking forward to the 3rd!


Dark Souls 3 rarely frustrates me but holy crap, going up against these two and it becomes a saga of rage but also a moment of triumph when I beat them:


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