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wasistdas [FALLEN]

79 year old Female
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wasistdas [FALLEN] @wasistdas O i lno this refference
fuck this gay ass pic wont load here
If you took an L and its clearly your fault. Stop justifying your action and stop overthinking about it. It just makes you suffer more and longterm. You don’t have to suffer this way, try to move on.
Well I will start to talk about my dreams now. Feel free to talk about your dreams as well here. Use this thread as a dream diary or whatever. Well lets go: I had a strange dream today. I was in my old house but instead I was a kid, I was myself. An 27 years old adult. Next to me were my ex girlfriend. She just woke up next to me and watched me into my eyes. We talked liked we used to when we were happy. Making jokes and stuff. I suddenly remember that we broke up. I highlighted that her parents hated me and I wish she came back. Even I feel hate to her I said things like this. She just laughed and acted like she didnt get what I was saying. I was happy to see her smile and hugged her. Well after that I woke up and felt like a dead fish. Sometimes I hate to dream. I cant tell if it was a nightmare or something I desire. Tell me some of your dreams so I dont have to think about mine. https://i.imgur.com/QVzAH7H.png
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