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Mar 24, 21 at 6:40pm

Ok I'm happy with the new Smash characters since I wanted a Xenoblade 2 rep but I'm gonna be honest...NO MORE THIRD PARTIES PLEASE!!! We have SO many now, and considering Switch games are getting reps can we have Octolings now? They can be different to the Inklings since the Inklings are based on Splatoon 1 and theres plenty of new weapons in Splatoon 2. And I know no one wants another Fire Emblem character but...Tokyo Mirage is more Shin Megami Tensei than Fire Emblem sooooo...can we have Itsuki and Chrom? Now if we NEED one more 3rd party, can it be Neku from The World Ends with You? At least he is from a Nintendo game and we need more psychic users.

Jan 25, 21 at 10:39pm

2 episodes into SSSS.Gridman and I'm already so confused as to what's going on...like is there just parallel dimensions or something and these kaiju figures are giant in the other dimension? I'm confused... @ -@

Oct 28, 20 at 10:26pm

For anyone wondering yes I'm still alive, just busy with work, life, and at the moment Pokemon. XD

May 15, 20 at 6:06pm

With us at the halfway mark of May and June is around the corner my excitement to see who DLC character #6 is gonna be. We know its an ARMS character, but I already have some ideas as to who it will be. Currently I don’t count anyone who is either an assist or a spirit (sorry Twintelle and Min Min fans.) There are three people in ARMS that I think/would like to see: Mechanica, Max Brass, or Lola Pop. It’ll most likely be Max Brass or Mechanica but I would love to see Lola Pop in Smash (she was personally my favorite character.)

Mar 13, 20 at 4:47pm

Happy Full Mooned Friday the 13th everyone! Hope your all not superstitious tonight... :P

Feb 14, 20 at 1:48pm

After careful thought heres the 6 I would like in the Smash Fighters Pass 2:

1. Arle from Puyo Puyo
2. Octoling from Splatoon 2
3. Neku from The World Ends with You
4. Rex and Phyra/Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2
5. Dr. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog
6. Itsuki and Chrom from Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Jan 18, 20 at 9:56pm

Because I was bored and saw all that salt for his announcement, I decided to changed my profile pic for awhile cause I'm actually looking forward to Byleth coming to Smash Bros. lol XD

Jan 16, 20 at 11:35am

I'm not upset with this actually, although the internet for the most part appears to be burning in anger and salt... XD

Nov 10, 19 at 10:42pm

My thoughts on Terry in Smash: Honestly he takes a bit to get use to but once you get used to his 5 specials and learn how to combo his standard combo into specials he's very powerful.

Also because I forgot to do one, my review on Banjo and Kazooie: Basically they are fun, the side special is powerful and they're jump mixed with they're up B covers a lot of air. Granted if your like me you'll hardly use they're down B since it can be hard to set up into it, but the Bear and Bird have shown they still got it.

One fighter remains to be seen in the Pass, the only question is who will it be??? My moneys on Arle from Puyo Puyo. XD

Jul 31, 19 at 10:51pm

My final thoughts on Hero in Smash: He's not as broken as everyone thinks. Sure he seems broken but he's easy to launch and kinda slow (like around Link's running speed) not to mention his down special (Command Selection) makes him vulnerable and requires the user to be fast ESPECIALLY in 1v1 matches. His critical hit seems VERY random and even then isn't as strong as it was shown by Sakurai (I got it in one hit and it did 45% not 80% like it did during the demonstration.) Honestly he's kinda fun, I wouldn't replace Joker though but for now Hero is a fun character. I'd say he's my 3rd favorite character (that is however until I see how I do with Banjo & Kazooie.)

BurningHalo @burninghalo The thing is I just don't enjoy how COMFORTABLE people playing Hero could be
JΩker @psychosho I think he can be fun, but I saw a video of someone cast Twack and then launch they’re opponent into it killing them soooo... XD