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Random Pokémon Question About the Paradoxes

I have a question to anyone that has played and beaten Pokémon Scarlet/Violet. Do you consider the Paradox Pokémon legendary? Yes or no and why. Personally I don’t think so, they’re way to common to be considered legends, plus they’re based on Pokémon you would normally find in the wild. That’s just my opinion.
I personally see it as its own category like Ultra Beasts
That’s acceptable, but were Ultra Beasts treated like legendaries in tournaments? I know legends get banned sometimes in those but I would love to use my team of Paradoxes in battles.
I don't think they are. Heck, even the other post game legendaries don't see much use in raid battles. I think they are balanced, woth some paradox pokemon obviously better than others. I just love my cute Screamtail. Great support pokemon in raids.
All I know is Roaring Moon was a bitch, but glad I caught a few.
Yeah Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon seem to have THAT in common XD
Yare yare daze. Enough legendaries. Meet my poison type pokemon.
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