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Games that made you emotional

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Jan 07, 18 at 8:16pm

Completely forgot about Nier: Automata. I have to play it more, I only got done with the first full playthrough. That one definitely has its moments. Also, the Sif fight in Dark Souls got to me too, especially when you are halfway through the fight. The song during the final boss was also touching.

Jan 08, 18 at 1:25am

KH and Shadow of the Colossus.

Former hit me hard man....:(

Jan 08, 18 at 2:24am

I'm a little surprised that no one has mentioned Undertale. That made me go through a whirlwind of emotions on the various runs I did. Dear lord the genocide run...

And I see you guys mentioning Automata, but what about the original Nier? You think everything is fine dandy as you go through the first run of the game, but from the second onward it's so much different.

Also Shadow of the Colossus but no ICO? That was one of the games that did escort missions justice, considering 90% of it is an escort mission. It really makes you care and worry about the girl you're keeping safe.

Even though it was a little cliche, the beginning of Xenoblade Chronicles made me a little emotional when a certain character gets killed. The music really helps a lot with feeling strong emotions.

Jan 08, 18 at 8:01am

I was only able to do a true pacifist run for Undertale, I didn't have the heart to go back for the neutral and genocide runs, haha. I actually never played Ico, but I played Shadow of the Colossus. It was probably one of my favorite games for the PS2.

Music definitely amplifies emotions in a game. Play the right music, and I'll feel a whole storm of emotions.

HausCloud commented on Games that made you emotional
Jan 08, 18 at 8:54am

Undertale brought forth the feels.

Jan 08, 18 at 5:44pm

If pure anger counts....

Tomb Raider... Every time Laura died by accidentally falling off a ledge... repeatedly.
Dead Island... If you've played it, you should know what scene I mean.
Dayz... Every time you die and lose EVERYTHING!!! That gets me very "emotional".
FF7... When Yuffie steals all your materia and then puts it all back WRONG!
Beyond Two Souls... When the little girl was getting picked on.. Yeah, I burnt the house down.

I tear up more with anime rather than games.

Jan 08, 18 at 10:19pm

Rise of the Tomb Raider had some angry moments for me. I've always wanted to play Beyond Two Souls but never got the chance.

Jan 08, 18 at 11:50pm

The first playthrough of Nier Automata is NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. The 2nd playthrough opens your eyes. But the 3rd playthrough... it's a completely new game. It's like a sequel. And it's where the strongest feelings come out.

Another game that made me experience every emotion is the Danganronpa series.

*Derpette* Kameiya commented on Games that made you emotional
*Derpette* Kameiya
Jan 08, 18 at 11:53pm

Fire emblem birthright had so many deaths that I cried every time it happened. I wasn't liking that. The story itself was awesome though.

Formless commented on Games that made you emotional
Jan 09, 18 at 1:52am

Dragon Age Inquisition, battling The Nightmare.

Leaving behind Alistair in the fade hit me in my feels, dude was like a brother to my Warden on Origins who already lost his entire family except his older brother to a traitorous fuck(voiced by a legend).

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